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LIGA NOS 2018-2019

Porte liga nos predictions

Making a prediction on Liga NOS can often pay off. The Liga NOS is the main football championship in Portugal, that of first division. Often called Liga Sagres, or even Primeira Liga, the Liga NOS brings together eighteen clubs that compete for the title and to enter a little more in to the history books. At the end of a championship made up of a first leg and a return phase, the team that finishes first in the standings is crowned champion of Portugal, and is offered a direct ticket for the big Champions League. Behind, the club that finishes second gets their place for the preliminary rounds of this Champions League, while the clubs ranked 3rd and 4th are they qualified for the Europa League. Finally, at the end of the rankings the last two are relegated to the Portuguese second division, the Ledman Liga Pro. A lot at stake in this Portuguese football championship, which make the Liga NOS one of the most interesting on the planet.

In this Liga NOS, besides the suspense related to the various stakes, it is of course the three mythical clubs of the country that spice up the competition. Be it big FC Porto, Benfica Lisbon or Sporting Portugal, each of these three giants are the dream of any football fan. In terms of record, Benfica remains the most successful club in history with 36 league titles, ahead of FC Porto (28 titles) and Sporting CP (18 titles). In 2018-2019, wait for a merciless struggle between these three. Players like Brahimi, Jonas or Nani should fight for the title until the end of the exercise.

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Benfica 2019 liga nos predictions

To bet well on the Liga NOS, there are of course numbers to know before forecasting. Already, you have to know that the championship of Portugal is sometimes homogeneous and bitterly disputed on all floors. An aspect that often gives rise to narrow scores, as has been shown in the last season 2017-2018. In particular, it was noted that the 1-0 (12.5% of matches) and the 1-1 (10.8% of games) were often recorded on the Liga NOS. First advice, and not the least, do not hesitate to try some bets on the exact scores in this season 2018-2019, or on the final score between the two teams of the match on which you bet.

Then you have to know that the Liga NOS is still undergoing an offensive change. Unlike the previous seasons, during which the show was summarized above all the matches of the three top clubs, the last exercise will have shown that the various Portuguese clubs are now turning to the offensive. With an average of 2.7 goals per game last year, the Portuguese teams will have done better than their Spanish neighbors, which remains historic. With more than half of the games having three goals or more, turning to a "+2.5 goals" bet will be extremely interesting for your Liga NOS betting. Not to be underestimated.

Finally, know that playing at home is also a strong asset in Portugal. As in previous years, the matches have often ended with home wins last year, for nearly 52% of meetings. A huge ratio - the biggest of the major European championships - which contrasts in particular with that of draws (20%) and wins away (28%). This season more than ever, you should bet on the success of the home side if you want a reliable Liga NOS prediction. Heed this expert advice!

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sporting-2019 liga nos predictions

In a championship that will likely be won by one of the top 3 clubs, the Liga NOS should still offer us beautiful games in 2018-2019. Of course, some formations are not very known on paper - we think in particular of Feirense, Chaves or Santa Clara - but they will be far from uninteresting for your sportsbook. Regarding the fight for the title, Benfica Lisbon and Porto seem to have a head start on Sporting, which has had a last complicated offseason with a change of presidency, coach and mass starts of players. If we had to give an opinion on the future champion, our experts in Liga NOS predictions would therefore look more towards the other two teams, with a preference perhaps for FC Porto. Winner last year, the Dragon club has indeed many talented players in its workforce (Adrian, Brahimi, Herrera, Danilo, Torres, Mbemba ...) and is now fully accustomed to evolve under the command of Sergio Conceicao . This season 2018-2019 could be great for that of Porto, but also your bets!

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