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What are volleyball odds?

If you are a fan of volleyball and sports betting, then it is crucial that you have all of the information about what makes a successful volleyball bet - the odds proposed by online bookmakers. So, what are they?

To put it simply, without going into too much technical detail, volleyball odds are a central part of betting on the discipline, as they are always directly linked to the betting markets available at online bookmakers. Do you want to place a bet on Polonia London in the Men’s Super League? Then it is on the odds proposed for the bet ‘Polonia London to Win’ that you will place your wager.

For the uninitiated, odds are numerical values, which generally range from 1/20 to around 5/1, and are calculated by the bookmakers themselves based on the probability of a bet to be validated - taking into account the statistics surrounding the event and the number of bettors who have already placed wagers on the market in question. Each bet on volleyball, as on other sports, is thus evaluated by odds, the values of which vary depending on the chances an outcome has of coming true.

The higher the probability of a bet to be a winner, the lower the odds values associated with that bet will be. The opposite is also true - the riskier a bet is, having a lower chance of succeeding, the higher the odds offered will be. We can demonstrate this by considering the example of a World League match between Brasil (the most decorated nation) and Tunisia (who have yet to win a title).

In such an encounter, which is largely unbalanced in favour of the Brasilians, the odds on the bet ‘Brasil to Win’ will be very low (e.g. 1/10), while those offered on ‘Tunisia to Win’ will be much higher (e.g. 30/1). This difference in odds values can be explained by the different chances of winning that each side has, and these probabilities will have a direct impact on the potential gains of a bet. The proof is in the calculation, using the formula Odds x Stake = Gains:

  • If I place a £10 bet on ‘Brasil to Win’, my potential gains will be: Odds 1/10 x £10 stake = £11
  • If I place a £10 bet on ‘Tunisia to Win’, my potential gains will be: Odds 30/1 x £10 stake = £300

It is easy to see how taking a huge risk on a Tunisian victory would pay off in the case of success (£300), however such an outcome has a very slight chance of occurring. On the other hand, a bet on the success of Brasil is almost certain to be a winner, and as such will yield very small gains. Such is the very basis of volleyball betting - finding the right volleyball betting odds, which combine a moderate risk with considerable winnings. In this quest, our volleyball odds comparison will no doubt be of help to you.

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Why should I compare volleyball betting odds?

As we have just explained, the odds offered by bookmakers will always have a direct influence on the potential winnings of your bet, as it is these values that are multiplied by the stake of your wager to calculate winnings. In other words, the strategy to adopt is always to bet on the highest odds values available on the bet of your choice, as this will allow you to take home the highest potential winnings possible. As the many bookmakers on the market (Bet365; 888sport, William Hill…) often offer odds of different values for the same bet, comparing volleyball odds will always be worthwhile to you. We can once again demonstrate this using the example of Brasil vs Tunisia:

  • I bet £100 on a Brasilian victory, which is offered at odds of 1/10 by Bet365 = I can earn £110
  • I bet £100 on a Brasilian victory, which is offered at odds of 2/25 by 888sport = I can earn £108
  • I bet £100 on a Brasilian victory, which is offered at odds of 1/20 by William Hill = I can earn £105

Without going to too much difficulty, we can see that the odds proposed at Bet365 will yield a reward £5 greater than those offered at William Hill. A noteworthy difference, as it does not require any additional risk-taking on your part, and you can especially notice such a variance in winnings is you bet regularly on volleyball. Imagine, for example, that you place 100 similar bets over the course of the season - you could notice a difference of £500 in your overall kitty. With this in mind, be sure to register with all of the sports betting sites on the market, and use our volleyball odds comparison to find the best values. Your winnings may be affected!

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Odds on volleyball can vary

On a similar topic, also know that the value of volleyball odds can vary over time, even at the same bookmakers - based on the different parameters that surround the match of your choice. In this light, player injuries, last minute suspensions, discord behind closed doors or even the dismissal of coaches can all influence the probability a side has to win an upcoming fixture - therefore affecting the odds proposed by online bookmakers. Always important to be aware of when betting on volleyball.

Volleyball Odds: Advice from our Specialists

A final word then - we would advise you to register with all of the major online betting sites on the market (you can see our ranking in the above menu), and to always compare the odds offered before placing your chosen bet.

By doing this, you can be sure to benefit from the best possible potential gains if your bet is a success, and it can also help you to decide whether or not it is worth it to place your chosen bet - if the odds on a bet seem to be quite low in relation to the risk of the bet, you will perhaps be better off avoiding the bet altogether, and vice versa. Good game to all, and on to your volleyball predictions!

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