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Ice Hockey Betting Tips & Predictions

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How do you write Hockey Predictions?

Are you searching for some help with your ice hockey predictions? For a specialist's opinion on all the best matches of the NHL, the National Ice Hockey League, or even the Olympic Games? Well perfect, you have come to the right place! Every day, for all the most eagerly anticipated competitions on the planet, our team here at Wincomparator offers you it's hockey predictions, which are well thought out and reflected upon in the best possible way.

Whether concerning the mathematical aspects, such as the latest results, competition rankings, global statistics (e.g. points, goals, % stops, etc.), or the more psychological factors that can affect a fixture (results of recent fixtures, motivation, mental fatigue, etc.) - a whole host of factors and variables are studied by our experts when writing ice hockey betting tips. While this method may not result in a winner every single time, this way of creating hockey predictions has proven to bear fruit in the long run.

By not allowing themselves to be content in just analysing the latest series of results and statistics, our specialists in the world of the ice rink draw their analyses as close to reality as possible, in direct relation to the campaigns lead by each different team. As long-term hockey enthusiasts, particularly when it comes to NHL hockey predictions, our experts at Wincomparator put their passion and experience to work helping you to boost your jackpots at the bookmakers - make good use of it!

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Why do we offer Free Hockey Predictions?

As you may have notice, every one of our ice hockey betting tips are easily accessible to everyone, and are completely free! This is due to the desire of Wincomparator to best support hockey fans who seek help from our enthusiasts. Anyways, if we think about it, there would be little point in us analysing the best hockey games on the planet if there was no one to read them. As always, and will continue to be the case for a long time, our hockey betting tips will be offered for free to everyone who has a passion for the discipline - such is the spirit of Wincomparator.

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How to make better Ice Hockey Predictions

Given the current hockey calendar, and the fact that our team of experts are not extensible, it may sometimes be the case that the match you wish to bet on will not be analysed in-depth by our team. Therefore, we will give you all the tools to creating a successful hockey analysis - factors that you can rely on when establishing your ice hockey predictions.

1.    Observe the current form of both teams

The first and most obvious factor to take into account is the current form of both teams concerned by your hockey predictions. A team that has just won three consecutive games, for example, will have much higher chances of winning than a team that has lost their five games - it's as logical as that. This reasoning will also apply to the offensive and defensive form of both teams. For example, a team that has scored 15 goals in their last three games will be hard to contain by any side.

2.    Take account of the key players for either side

In line with the first point that we have mentioned, it will also be necessary to consider the forms displayed by the best players of each side in their most recent performances. If, for example, the two best forwards of an NHL team have not scored in their last two games, it could be necessary to avoid predicting their victory in an upcoming fixture. The opposite is also true, a goalkeeper that has displayed an impressive string of performances may lead to you preferring his side for your ice hockey predictions - something that will always count in any hockey game.

3.    Consider the venue in which the match will be held

The third important point to consider is the venue of the match that interests you. As is the case in most other sports, in hockey the advantage gained from playing at home is often verified by the results. From familiarity with the ice rink and the support of a home crowd, to the lack of travel time and therefore the benefit of a fresh physical and mental state, there are numerous benefits to hockey teams of playing at home, which can be verified by the statistics. If we take into account the NHL, the world's biggest ice hockey competition, an average of 60% of games have been won by the home side in recent seasons - a number that will inevitably count in your NHL hockey predictions.

4.    Examine the psychological aspect of a fixture

The fourth, and by no means the least important, variable to take into consideration is the psychological aspect of a meeting. Will the result of the match be decisive for one, or both, of the teams involved? Did the first-legs take place in good conditions? Have either of the two sides experienced internal problems or conflict in the week leading up to the match? Has the head coach resigned? Have there been 'aggressive' statements made by both sides? Is it a derby (e.g. Rangers vs Islanders), or a game involving an historic rivalry (e.g. Bruins vs Canadiens)? There are a lot of questions which you will have to answer if you want to stay on the right path when creating your hockey predictions.

5.    Estimate the acceptable odds value of your Hockey Predictions

Finally, after having taken the time to analyse the factors listed above, it will also be important to estimate the odds that you believe would be acceptable for your ice hockey predictions. This action will never be a trivial one, as it will allow you to know if your chosen prediction will prove to be a worthwhile bet - depending on the potential winnings of your betting slip. If you think, for example, that your chosen ice hockey prediction will be worth a wager at odds of around 2/1, but the reality is that the bookmakers are offering odds of only the maximum value 8/5, it may be necessary to consider the real interest of placing your bet- the council of the experts.

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Whether you are an experienced hockey betting enthusiast, or a beginner to the world of  ice hockey betting predictions, make sure to check out our predictions page daily to help you to better understand the game - particularly in terms of the news surrounding this sport that is ever-growing in popularity. The analyses of our team have proven  themselves time and time again, and it would be a shame to miss out.

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