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Champions League Odds (Football - Europe)

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Europe - Champions League

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What are Champions League Odds?

Are you a fan of the Champions League and sports betting, but not much of an expert with regards the odds offered by bookmakers. No problem, as Wincomparator gives you all the information you need about Champions League betting odds.

First all, as we are sure you are aware, Champions League odds are numerical values that directly relate to a given sports bet. More precisely, if you want to bet on the victory of Barcelona against Schalke, you will be betting on the odds 'Barcelona to Win' (e.g. 6/5) - the basic vocabulary for sports betting.

Then what you must understand is that the proposed odds on a Champions League fixture will always be directly proportional to the probability of the bet to be realised. Specifically, if a club appears to be far superior to their opponent, the odds on their victory will be quite low - somewhere around 11/10, 6/5 or 13/10 for example. The opposite is also true, the odds proposed for the victory of the underdog will be relatively higher - 4/1, 5/1 or 7/1.

To imagine what we have just explained using the previous example of a fixture between Barcelona and Schalke, the Spaniards would undoubtedly be favourites, and so weaker odds would be proposed on their victory (e.g. 6/5), while the German outsiders would have relatively higher odds on their victory (e.g. 7/1). It is important to remember therefore, that the odds for Champions League bets are determined by the probabilities of different scenarios.

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Calculating the winnings of Champions League odds: The Barcelona - Schalke example

To get an idea of the potential earnings that await you in the event of a successful Champions League bet, the same formula is always applied to potential winnings calculations - Odds x Stake Bet = Potential Gains. Best illustrated with an example, the potential winnings of a £10 stake bet on the Barcelona versus Schalke Champions League betting tips would be calculated as follows:

  • 'Barcelona to Win': Odds 6/2 x £10 Bet = £12 Potential Gains
  • 'Draw': Odds 9/2 x £10 Bet = £45 Potential Gains
  • 'Schalke to Win': Odds 7/1 x £10 Bet = £70 Potential Gains

This makes it easier to understand that a bet on Barca is most likely to be successful, and as such it will pay much less than a bet on the victory of the underdogs Schalke. In this case, it is up to you to use your own judgment to decide who to place your bet on. Should you stick with the favourite? Or should you try your luck in a wagers in the underdogs with the higher odds (and so the higher gains)? The choice is yours all Champions League bets, including for Champions League Winner odds.

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Why is it rational to compare Champions League Betting Odds?

From the moment that you begin to factor odds into your Champions League winnings calculations, it is easy to understand the interest of comparing the various odds available on the market before betting. As we saw by demonstrating the above formula, the greater the odds you bet on, the higher your potential returns will be, and vice versa.

As such, given that there are a vast number of different bookmakers on the market (Bet365, William Hill and Betway to name just a few), comparing the odds of these various betting sites is crucial as each can offer different odds for the same bet on a Champions League match. To prove the importance of this fact with regards maximising potential earnings, we will conduct another calculation:

  • I bet £100 on a Barça win, offered at 6/5 by Bet365: 13/10 x £100 = £130 potential gains
  • I bet £100 on a Barça win, offered at 5/4 by William Hill: 5/4 x £100 = £125 potential gains
  • I bet £100 on a Barça win, offered at 6/5 by Betway: 6/5 x £100 = £120 potential gains

We can this see that for the same bet, on the same Champions League fixture, a difference of £10 in potential winnings can be received at Bet365 as opposed to at Betway. The interest in odds comparison is this evident regarding Champions League betting offers - hundreds of pounds could be at stake because of these differences. One piece of advice: Register with all the betting sites on the market to ensure that you can bet with the bookmaker that offers the best valued odds every time!

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When are Champions League odds at their highest?

As we now know that Champions League betting odds can vary amongst the bookmakers on the market, we must also be aware that they can in turn evolve based on a number of different factors surrounding a game.

For example, serious injury to or suspension of a key player before the game, or even a series of poor domestic results are some of the many factors which can affect the betting odds of your choice.

In the previous example of a pool match between Barcelona and Schalke, the odds for a Catalan victory could increase from 13/10 to 7/5 if three of the clubs best players pick up injuries in training in the days leading up to kick off. Without their best assets, Barcelona will have more difficulty in defeating their opponents, and thus logically the odds proposed on their victory will rise.

In this scenario the question arises - is there a good time to bet to ensure that you take advantage of the best odds available on the Champions League. According to our sports betting specialists, the answer is unfortunately no.

Indeed when you see that such a variety of parameters can influence a Champions League meeting, it seems impossible to determine in advance the best time to place your sports bet. For all you Champions League betting, it is this important to act according to your feelings, and follow all the latest news updates surrounding the match of your choice.

At most, all we can say is that early betting on the match favourite can sometimes be an interesting proposition - the odds offered by the bookmakers may potentially be higher.

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How does our Odds Comparator work?

To find the best odds on the Champions League in the blink of an eye, the engineers at Wincomparator have devised an innovative tool specifically dedicated to Champions League odds comparison.

For every match at each stage of the competition, you will be able to find all the best odds on the market in one place, rather than having to search each sports betting site individually - which runs the risk of seeing these odds deteriorate. This will not only save you time when betting on the Champions League, but also money, as you can always be sure to bet on the best odds for the European duel of your choice.

To determine the best odds on this European competition our technology is simple - all the odds on the market are analysed live, and the highest available are instantly highlighted in our comparison table. No doubt is allowed - the best odds will present themselves to you. Don't forget to check also Europa League odds for your bets on european competitions.

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