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Tennis Betting Tips & Predictions

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How do you create a Tennis Predictions?

Are you looking to make winning tennis predictions of your own? Look no further, as you have come to the right page! Every day, on all ATP and WTP tournaments, our tennis experts at Wincomparator offer you their predictions on the sport, in order for you to make progress with regard to your sports betting.

In creating their tennis betting tips and predictions, our specialists take account of a wide variety of different factors - be they mathematical or more human-centered variables. The form of players, the result of a previous confrontation, player performances in each tournament, the match schedule and the match surface - all of these variables, and indeed a dozen more, must be studied in order to establish a tennis prediction that closely resembles reality.

Following Wincomparator's predictions will allow you to get a better idea of each tennis match, and can either confirm or refute your own intuitions and opinions on the game in question. You may have thought that player A could easily beat player B, but the tennis specialists at our site actually advise you instead on the success of the latter - this will cause you to reconsider your prediction before placing your bet.

Don't forget, that with their years of experience and passion for the discipline, each prediction written by our experts comes from the heart, with a will to increase your earnings at the bookies. While our predictions do not guarantee the success of every tennis bet, we propose tennis betting tips that will allow you to be profitable in the long-run.

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Why do we offer Free Tennis Betting Tips?

If you have browsed this page entirely dedicated to tennis predictions, then you will surely have noticed that the betting tips offered by Wincomparator are entirely free and 100% accessible to everyone. Unlike some sites nowadays, who have implemented paid subscription services for access to their analyses, we instead chose to offer each of our tennis predictions for no cost at all. It is for the sake of value and of passion that we have chosen to do this, as what would be the point in taking the time to write our prognoses every day if there is nobody to consult them? With this in mind, we will always offer our tennis tips free of charge.

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How to make Tennis Predictions like the experts

Our team of tennis specialists are unfortunately not extensible, unlike the news surrounding the world of the little yellow ball. As a result, it may sometimes be the case that the meeting you wish to bet on does not have an analysis published by Wincomparator. As such, and since you will soon be more than able, it may be up to you to complete your own analysis before placing your tennis bets. To help you in this process, we have outlined the factors that you must take into account in order to establish good tennis predictions.

1.    Analyse the form of the players

Whether it is a bet on a match of the ATP of the WTA, the first thing you should obviously do is analyse the recent form of both players concerned by the match of your choice. For example, watching the most recent games played in the tournament can be a great indicator of a players form - you can observe if either player is having any difficulties, or if they have been excelling thus far. For example, if a player has won three matches 3-0, he will be more likely to defeat his opponent than a player that has had a more difficult and tiring run of wins (e.g. 3-2/ 3-2 /3-2). A player will have accumulated a level of fatigue in such a draining run of games, which makes this first variable absolutely necessary for your tennis betting predictions.

2.    Take account of the surface and conditions

A second aspect to observe in establishing a good tennis prediction is undoubtedly the venue and conditions of the match. Each tennis player has their own favourite surface and tournament, making it indeed crucial to analyse this parameter in depth. Has one of the two players become more accustomed to performing on the surface (e.g. grass, clay, court)? Have they shone in a tournament during previous years? Or is it the opposite - does a player struggle to perform to their best in front of their own home audience? There will always be a number of questions that must be answered and studied before placing a bet on a tennis match.

3.    Review the last head-to-head

The result of the last head-to-head matches between two players must next be considered. As we are sure you well know, the psychological aspect of a match counts more in tennis than in any other sport. For example, if a player has suffered three consecutive losses to their opponent in the match of your choice, he may have also suffered a psychological knock, and might thus feel an added pressure that could impact their performance. This is why checking the most recent matches between two athletes will always be important, particularly if they meet often - don't forget it!

4.    Take into account the World Rankings and the calendar

The fourth very important point to take into account is the World Rankings that are affected by each tournament of the season. If you are a tennis fan, you will know that the ATP and WTP rankings are point-based, resulting from each tournament performance. To earn points during a tournament, a player must at least match his performance in the previous year of the same competition. From this point, as we are sure you have well understood, it will not be uncommon to note a difference in motivation amongst players according to the number of competitions they have played. If a player took part in the Masters of Rome last year? They will then do everything to achieve a performance that is at least equal in this year's competition, and so on. This factor is often decisive in a tennis prediction, and must not be neglected.

5.    Estimate an acceptable odds value for your Tennis Betting Predictions

After analysing these different factors, the final aspect of crucial importance is estimating the tennis betting odds value that you would deem to be acceptable for your tennis predictions. By doing this, you will know if your prediction will prove to be an interesting bet, depending on the potential gains of your betting slip. If, for example, you think that your tennis prediction will be worth placing on an odds value of at least 9/5, but the odds value offered at the bookmakers is 3/2, you may decide to turn to another bet, or even to another match - it's obvious.

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So whether you are an experienced bettor, or just a beginner to the world of tennis betting predictions, don't hesitate to regularly check of tennis betting tips and predictions page, which can help you on every day of the year on one of the most beautiful games in the world. The latter has already proven itself, and it would be a shame not to enjoy it!

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