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Basketball Betting Tips & Predictions

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How do you write Basketball Predictions?

Do you want to get some extra help on your basketball predictions, to confirm your personal vision on an NBA, Pro A or EuroLeague match? Stay right where you are, as you have come to the right place. Every day, on a multitude of competitions around the world, Wincomparator and its experts offer you their personal basketball predictions - studied and written with great care.

There are dozens of factors which are studied by our experts when establishing a sports forecast, which include both statistical parameters and more human aspects. For example, some of the many factors which are included and analysed in our sports predictions are the forms of teams, franchises, major players and coaches, the level of playing conditions; the match venue, previous confrontations, player absences (due to injury or suspension), as well as the latest news surrounding the players of the match.

By doing this, and creating predictions that take into account more than just mathematical elements, our specialists offer you accurate forecasts which relate to the reality of a basketball game as closely as possible. For basketball betting tips that can help you excel at the bookmakers in the long run, Wincomparator is the place to be.

If your bets do not always result in the promised potential earnings, do not hesitate to consult the various analyses of our team for a better basketball betting prediction. Thanks to their passion and experience in the areas regarding the 'Kings of the Court' our experts know when a bet will be an interesting prospect to try, and when a prediction will have a high chance of coming true - don't miss out on their full analyses.

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Why do we offer Free Basketball Betting Tips?

As you will have surely noticed, at Wincomparator we have decided to offer only entirely free basketball predictions, which do not require any form of paid subscription. This decision is based on a simple reasoning - to offer passionate content to an audience of enthusiasts. As indeed, what would be the point in writing extensive basketball analyses if there was no audience to consult them - the answer is simply nothing. So as it has always been, and will continue to be for a long time, each one of the basketball betting tips that we publish will remain entirely free.

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How to make good Basketball Predictions

Since our team of basketball experts are not extensible, unlike the various news updates surrounding basketball matches, it will sometimes be the case that an analysis of the match on which you intend to bet may not be available. If this is the case, don't panic! We can provide you with all the essential factors to take into account to create the best possible basketball betting predictions.

1.    Take into account the form of the moment

The first element to take into account for your basketball predictions will obviously be the form of the teams, and the key players, that are involved in your bet. By this we mean that it will be useful to analyse the last matches played by either team, both in terms of the result and also the game statistics - such as points scored and conceded, offensive and defensive rebounds etc. By doing this, you will have an overview of what the upcoming match of your choice could promise, both in terms of the result and the final score.

2.    Observe the recent statistics of key players

In the same spirit, it will also be beneficial to analyse the recent form of the best players for either team. In this way, player statistics can help you to understand the tactics of each team. If a major of an NBA team is not playing to their best, you will need to take this into account in your prediction. On the other hand, if two of the best markers on the team have been successful in controlling the madness inside the 3-point line, it will probably be smart to predict a victory for their team. Always have these aspects in mind if you want to make a successful basketball prediction.

3.    Keep updated on the most recent confrontations

The third key element to consider is the last match played between the two teams. With basketball, as is the case with many other major sports, psychology plays an important role in the final result of a fixture, and is not to be underestimated when creating your predictions. If, for example, a team has lost in three consecutive meetings against their upcoming opponent, it may be prudent to think twice before predicting that team's success. If the team considers themselves to be of lower quality than their opponents (inferiority complex?), the players may find it difficult to play to their full potential due to the negative psychological effects caused by pressure, and thus the team may be less likely to win the game. This reasoning applies to all basketball games, and our experts include it in their predictions on every tournament - be it for NBA betting tips or European basketball betting tips.

4.    Take account of the match venue

For the fourth point, always remember that the match venue will have a big impact on the result of a basketball game. This fact is perhaps more true in basketball than in any other sport - home teams generally tend to beat their opponents, due to the backing of the home crowd and the lack of fatigue that is accumulated from travelling. In the case of NBA matches, a team that has just travelled 5,000 km to reach the match venue will often not perform as well as a team who will play on their own court in from of their own fans. This element is always important to remember in your NBA predictions and it will also influence NBA betting odds.

5.    Estimate the acceptable odds of your basketball prediction

Finally, once you have accounted for all these elements and chosen the prediction on which you want to bet, it will be useful for you to estimate the odds that will be offered by bookmakers, which are calculated using the probability of the bet of your choice to be a winner. By doing this, you will know whether your prediction will be worth placing a bet on, by considering the potential gains available from your betting slip. If you think, for example, that your bet would be an interesting prospect at odds of 2/1, but the odds offered by betting sites are only 8/5, it will then be obvious that turning to a different bet will be the wiser choice, and vice versa.

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Whether you are an experienced bettor, or a beginner to the world of sports predictions, make sure to regularly check out of basketball predictions page, which should help you to see the all the daily news surrounding this exciting sport a little more clearly. The analyses of our experts have proved their worth for a long time - it would be a shame to deprive you of it!

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