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Rugby Betting Tips & Predictions

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How to write Rugby Predictions

Are you in need of some help or advice for your rugby predictions, or are searching for an opinion or analysis of one the most exciting encounters in the world of the oval ball? Well look no further, as you have come to the right page. Every day our team of rugby experts offer you their predictions on the best matches of the most popular rugby competitions - from Premiership Rugby, to the Champions Cup, to the Six Nations, our team strives to cover all the most eagerly anticipated fixtures in the world of rugby.

To offer you reliable rugby predictions, our team here at Wincomparator strives to take into account a vast multitude of factors - be they mathematically-based, or more psychological and human-focused aspects. Whether it is the latest results of the teams concerned in the match of your choice, players missing due to injury or suspension, the match venue, the fixtures calendar, recent statements made by coaching staff, or even the different psychological parameters that can surround the meeting (such as a heavy defeat recently suffered, etc.), everything is analysed from top to bottom by our experts, in order to offer an analysis that matches the reality on the field in the closest way possible.

By proceeding in this way, and not being content to just do the bare minimum, Wincomparator offers you well thought out rugby betting tips to help you succeed in the prize pools of online bookmakers. While our predictions are not guaranteed to always be winners - due to the uncertainty the forces that can affect sports and rugby - our method has proven it's worth for many a year, and allows for a long-term net gain. As success in sports betting on rugby does not come about from improvisation, the passion and diligence shown by our rugby experts are an assurance of their well-thought-out predictions: Follow their instincts!

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Why do we offer Free Rugby Betting Tips?

As you will probably have noticed, each rugby prediction that we offer on our page can be liberally accessed, and all are 100% free. Contrary to a number of other sites, who offer paid subscriptions on a monthly basis, we at Wincomparator have made the decision to offer all of our rugby analyses entirely for the sake of value and passion. As indeed, what would be the point for us in taking the time to analyse every rugby match in detail in order to write passionate predictions, if there was nobody to consult them? The answer, simply, is nothing. It is for this unique reason that our Rugby Union betting tips are, and always will be, completely free.

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How to make better Rugby Union Predictions

Our team of rugby specialists are unfortunately not extensible, especially considering how busy the rugby calendar is, so it may be that the match on which you want to bet has not been analysed in detail on our rugby predictions page. For this reason, and as always with the intention to help you, we will remind you of the main factors to take into account in order to establish a reliable rugby forecast.

1.    Observe the form of the moment

The first step to determining a good prediction is, of course, to observe the latest results of both teams in question. The dynamics of previous results have a great impact on the way you should approach a sports predictions, making it necessary to study the scores of both teams in their most recent fixtures - this can give an indication of how effective a team has been both offensively and defensively. Does your team have a 5-game winning streak, in 4 of which they've earned bonus points? They will as such be preferred in your prediction. On the contrary, if your team has just suffered three major defeats, it would be necessary to avoid them when making your predictions. This will come into play a lot, as you can probably imagine.

2.    Analyse the teams involved

In addition to the overall shape of a team, it is also crucial to monitor the latest performances of a side's key players. The better form a team's star players are in, the more likely that side will be to see victory. Imagine, for example, that the two top scores of a club have not scored a single point in the previous three games - their side will as such have trouble performing up front and their chances of winning will be reduced. On the other hand, if a club's best players are in top form, they will have a much higher chance of ending the tie with a positive result. These factors are always important to take into account.

3.    Note Player Absences

In the same logic are the previous point, it is also crucial to remember to take into account the possible absences of places for the match of your choice. In addition to injuries and suspensions, the various domestic rugby championships do not come to a halt in the wake of international tournaments. As such, a top team can easily bow before a lower ranking club in the event that it's best players are engaged in international duties - a factor which can especially be true in the case of Premiership Rugby Predictions.

4.    Take account of the match venue

The fourth aspect to take into account: the meeting place of the fixture. In the world of rugby, arguably more than in any other sport, the teams playing at home are often highly favoured for betting predictions, as they generally perform better at home. If you remain unsure in your prediction, then it is often a good choice to take a chance on the team playing at home all you rugby bets. For example, last season's Premiership Champions Saracens were unbeaten at home for the entire season. As such, it would suffice to say that this factor should not be overlooked in your rugby forecasts.

5.    Estimate an acceptable odds value for your rugby predictions

Finally, after including the various factors that we have detailed above in your analysis, don't forget to estimate an odds value that you personally deem to be acceptable for your prediction. By doing this, you can get an idea about whether or not your chosen bet will be an interesting prospect to wager on, according to the rugby odds offered by online sports betting sites. If you, for example, value your prediction at minimum odds of 8/5, but the bookmakers are only offering a maximum odds value of 7/5, it may be necessary to think again about the real interest to you of placing this bet. When the risk of your wager is too high compared to the potential gains offered, it will indeed be necessary to think twice before placing your bet - the word of the regulars.

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Whether you are an experienced bettor, or are new to the world of rugby predictions, do not hesitate to consult our predictions page regularly, as it should help you to get a clearer view on the exciting subject of rugby news. The analyses provided by our team have proven themselves for a long time, and it would be a shale not to enjoy them.

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