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What are La Liga odds?

Would you consider yourself to be an amateur of the world of La Liga and sports betting, but are not yet an expert on the odds offered by bookmakers. If so, you've come to the right place! Our experts at Wincomparator can tell you everything you need to know about odds on this Spanish Championship. Choosing the right La Liga odds will no longer be a secret hidden from you.

First of all, we must understand what La Liga odds are in relation to sports betting. Like any other odds, La Liga betting odds are numerical values that are directly related to a sports bet. For example, if you want to bet on a Spanish League match, it is directly on these odds that you will place your bet, as opposed to on the team itself. For example, if you want to bet on the victory of Sevilla against Levante, you will place your money on the bet 'Sevilla to Win', rather than on the team itself. From 3/2 to 11/1, including 16/5, 5/1 and any other value higher than 1, all are odds that can be quoted by bookmakers on La Liga football matches - and all will be decisive for your sports bet.

Next, and just as important, is knowing that the values of these La Liga betting odds will always be determined based on the probabilities surrounding the encounter. In this way, the more likely a bet is to be a winner according to bookmakers estimates, the lower the odds offered on that bet will be. The opposite is also true, when a sports bet has a lower probability of being validated the La Liga odds proposed by betting sites will be relatively high. To demonstrate this, we can again take the example of the Sevilla-Levante fixture.

In this meeting, for which Sevilla are widely regarded as bookies favourites, the proposed La Liga odds for 'Sevilla to Win' will be quite low (e.g. 8/5). On the other hand, the odds offered on the bet 'Levante to Win' will be much higher (e.g. 9/2). The logic behind this is that Sevilla are much stronger than their opponents, meaning that they are more likely to win: therefore the odds offered on their victory by bookmakers are low. Always remember: Strong Probabilities = Low Odds.

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Calculating winnings of odds for La Liga Betting: The Sevilla - Levante Example

If La Liga odds are fundamental elements of a sports bet on the Spanish Football Championship, it is because that will directly impact your betting kitty. The key formula to know is Stake Bet x Odds =Potential Gains, as the odds on which you bet your money can determine the potential winnings of a bet. By using the Sevilla-Levante example, we can illustrate this using proof by calculation, assuming a £10 Stake Bet:

  • 'Sevilla to Win': Odds 8/5 x £10 Stake Bet = £16 Potential Gains
  • 'Draw': Odds 18/5 x £10 Stake Bet = £36 Potential Winnings
  • 'Levante to Win': Odds 9/2 x £10 Stake Bet = £45 Potential Winnings

By using the formula provided above, we can see that a winning bet on the success of Sevilla will bring in £16 in potential winnings, while you stand to receive earnings of £45 in the case of a Levante victory. This difference in earnings is logically explained by the difference in probabilities between the two scenarios -  Los Hispalenses have a higher chance of winning than their opponents. In this case, there are two possible strategies available to you: to try the jackpot with a bet on Levante to win at a much higher risk, or to take the safer option by betting on the favourites Sevilla. In short, such is the basis of betting.

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Why is it useful to compare La Liga Betting odds?

If odds have a direct influence on the potential winnings of a bet, it is thus important to know that the value of odds offered can vary amongst sports betting sites. Given the growing competition in the online betting sector, it is not uncommon to see a difference in odds on the same bet, for the same match, amongst the various online bookmakers. From Bet365 to William Hill to Betway, each Sportsbook site offers odds values of their own choice on their site, so it is not uncommon to see a difference in La Liga odds for the match of your choice. Since we have just discussed that the higher the odds are the higher your winnings will be; the benefits of La Liga betting odds comparison become evident, as your winnings amount will be impacted. Let's look again at the Sevilla-Levante example to illustrate this:

  • I bet £100 on the bet 'Sevilla to Win', offered at 8/5 by William Hill: 8/5 x £100 = £160 Potential Earnings
  • I bet £100 on the bet 'Sevilla to Win', offered at 3/2 by Bet365: 3/2 x £100 = £150 Potential Earnings
  • I bet £100 on the bet 'Sevilla to Win', offered at 7/5 by Betway: 7/5 x £100 = £140 Potential Earnings

From this we can see that a bet on the victory of Sevilla at William Hill would result in an additional £20 in earnings than the same bet placed with Betway. This is evidence of how essential odds comparison is to La Liga betting, especially seeing as it is never the same betting site that offers the best odds. So before you begin your journey into the world of online betting, take the time to register with all the best bookmakers available on the market, it will stand to you in the end when you can bet on the best available odds.

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When are La Liga odds at their highest?

We now know that it is common for the odds offered by online betting sites to vary from one bookmaker to another for La Liga betting. What is also important to note is that La Liga betting odds can also evolve at the same bookmaker depending on time. Whether because of an injury to a major player, a late suspension, or even the dismissal of a coach, there are any number of potential variables that can impact probabilities surrounding the meeting of your choice, and thus the odds proposed on different bets.

To take, for the final time, the example of the match between Sevilla and Levante, the initial odds of 8/5 proposed on the victory of Sevilla may increase if their best player gets injured in a training session leading up to the match (e.g. from 8/5 to 17/10), or may decrease if one of Levante's key players receives a last minute suspension from the Spanish federation e.g. from 8/5 to 3/2). From here, the question logically arises - what is the best to place a bet on La Liga? Is there a specific time to be sure to enjoy better odds?

Unfortunately, there is no good answer to this question. When you consider the vast amount of variables that can influence the odds offered on a La Liga meeting, and as such the impossibility of predicting these variables, it becomes clear that there is no way to know the ideal time to bet on the Spanish Football League. As always, you will have to learn as much as you can about the two teams, and keep up-to-date with all the news surrounding your chosen fixture, in order to estimate the best time to bet at the bookmakers.

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How does our odds comparator work?

If it is then impossible to know in advance the best time to place your La Liga bets with online betting sites, knowing the best odds available on the market becomes even more crucial - and is easier than ever thanks to our odds comparator. An innovative tool dedicated entirely to the Spanish Football Championship, our comparator of La Liga Betting odds will allow you to find the best odds on a bet of your choice in the blink of an eye.

Analysed live and in real time, and highlighted on the same page, the different odds for each game of the Primera Division will be easily accessible - saving you time and of course money. With our comparison of La Liga odds, you can be sure to always bet on the best odds and get the best possible win each time. Good games to all!

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