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What are Rugby Odds?

Are you an amateur of rugby and of sports betting? Do you want to get into the world of rugby betting, but you don't know enough about bookmakers odds? No problem, as Wincomparator gives you everything you need to know about the rugby betting odds found at online bookmakers.

First off, what are rugby odds? As with the proposed odds for any sport, Rugby Union betting odds are numerical values which are directly associated with the different bets offered by bookmakers. For example, if you want to bet on the victory of Saracens against Munster in the Champions Cup, you will need to place your money on the odds associated with the bet 'Saracens to Win' as opposed to on the team itself. The first point to note.

Another important point to note is the direct connection between the value of rugby odds and the probability of the bet being a winner. In this way, the more likely an event is to occur in a rugby match, the lower the odds offered on this bet will be. Conversely, if a bet has a low chance of being validated, the odds proposed by bookmakers will be relatively high. To show this, we will take the example of a Six Nations meeting between England and Italy, for which England are widely favourites.

In such a clash which quite evidently favours the English, the odds proposed on the rugby bet 'England to Win' will be quite low (e.g. 6/5), whereas by comparison the odds proposed for the bet 'Italy to Win' will be much higher (e.g. 10/1). Since the English are a better team and have a much greater likelihood of winning the match according to the online sports betting sites, the odds proposed for their success will logically result in lower potential winnings than for the proposed victory of the Italians. As such, it is these rugby odds that will directly determine the potential winnings of your rugby bet.

Taking into account the betting formula - Odds x Stake = Winnings - you will be able to estimate your potential winnings in the blink of an eye using the rugby odds on which you will bet. To illustrate this, we will use the same example of a match between England and ItaIy:

  • If I bet £10 on victory for England, my possible gains will be: Odds 6/5 X £10 = £12
  • If I bet £10 on victory for Italy, my possible gains will be: Odds 10/1 X £10 = £100

Here we can see that a bet on 'England to Win' is more likely to be validated than a bet on 'Italy to Win', but it will also bring about a smaller return than a bet on a shock result in favour of the Italians. In such a situation, as is the very basis of Rugby Union betting, it is up to you to choose the rugby betting strategy to adopt - either to have a preference for bets that have a high probability of occurring and only receiving smaller gains, or to take a bigger risk and betting on the outsiders, but seeing much more significant gains as a result.

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Why the interest in comparing Rugby Union Odds?

As we have stated, the value of odds will have a direct impact on the winnings of a successful rugby bet. As a result, since the calculation of odds is based on multiplication, it is evident that odds with higher value will equally result in higher amounts won in the event of a successful bet. This is why comparing odds on rugby matches before placing your bet will always be a crucial step - for the same bet on the same match, bookmakers can offer different odds.

Competition amongst sports betting sites is getting ever stronger, and it is not uncommon to see differences in odds values proposed for the same bet amongst the various top bookmakers on the market. Such a difference can undoubtedly have a noticeable impact on the potential winnings of your bet, hence the interest of comparing rugby odds before betting. The proof is in the calculation:

  • I bet £100 on a victory of England, whose rating is 6/5 at Bet365 = I can win £120
  • I bet £100 on a victory of England, whose rating is 29/25 at William Hill = I can win £116
  • I bet £100 on a victory of England, whose rating is 23/20 at Betway = I can win £115

As you can see, for the same bet but at different bookmakers, I stand to earn £5 more in the case of a winning bet at Bet365 than I do at Betway. Thus the interest of comparing odds is evident, especially as it is never the same bookmaker that always offers the best value odds for rugby betting. No matter which game you intend to bet on, it is always wise to compare the odds on the market before wagering your money.  

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Variations in Rugby Betting Odds

In addition to varying in value amongst bookmakers for the same rugby bet, odds can also evolve based on time and significant events surrounding a rugby match. By taking for the last time the example of England versus Italy, just because Bet365 have proposed a rating of 6/5 in the days leading up to the match does not mean that this value will remain unchanged on the day of the match.

For example, if two of England's best players get injured and are unable to play, the English side will logically have less certainty of beating their opponents. This will result in a revision of the value of the odds offered on 'England to Win' (e.g. an increase from 6/5 to 13/10), while the odds offered on 'Italy to Win' will be devalued (e.g. from 10/1 to 8/1). Many similar scenarios can occur in the world of Rugby Union betting - suspensions, motivations, altercations between teammates and more will all influence the value of odds offered. Therefore, it's up to you to keep up with the latest developments when comparing odds, for example when taking part in rugby Six Nation betting, and include all the relevant information in your rugby betting strategy. Comparing odds is also useful to prepare Premiership rugby betting tips.

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