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Wincomparator - Our advertising policy

Updated on the 4 May 2024

Media of sports news on the Internet, Wincomparator agrees to receive advertising on its site, in order to offer you the most qualitative content possible. This is why we feel it is important that we  write this advertising charter. It has the intention of explaining  to you in all transparency just how the advertising on our site is used.  We hope that this charter will allow you to clearly understand our services and the contents that we publish.

The integration of advertisements

The most important thing to know about the use of advertising on our site is that we try to integrate it as well as possible so as not to disturb you during the time you spend on our site.  The user experience remains at the center of our priorities.

In particular, each advertisement on the site is integrated so as not to interfere with your navigation. This leaves you with the choice of whether or not to take an interest in the advertising.  This principle concerns on the one hand the way in which the pages of the site are designed, and on the other  the number of advertisements you find on the site.

From this point of view, the advertisements on are always clearly visible to the user, and are distinguished either by a different color or by their location. While being integrated on our different pages, you will always know the difference between an advertisement and content of an editorial nature.

In this respect, you will always be warned when you click on an advertisement. This is achieved by the presentation of a buffer page before you arrive on the advertiser’s site. Again, this leaves you the choice in your navigation.

Advertisements and commercial agreements

As far as the content of the advertisements on the site is concerned, they will always be focused on a subject that interests you, namely sports betting. This is an essential point for us, the Wincomparator site will never include undesirable advertising content.

In the vast majority of cases, the ads you will see on our site are the result of advertising partnerships and commercial agreements. These will be with other members of the sports betting community, notably online bookmakers..

In this respect, it should be noted that the order of the advertisements you find in our rankings and tables may be influenced by our commercial agreements, and that these are not always exhaustive.

As a general rule, only our partners are highlighted in our rankings, which are updated according to commercial negotiations, but also and above all according to objective aspects concerning the quality of our partners' offers. Advertising will always remain consistent with the market news.

Advertising clauses and revenues

Within the framework of our commercial agreements, our partners authorize us to use some of their elements through specific clauses. The advertisements that you find on can thus take the form of logos, advertising banners or any other graphic creation.

These elements are intellectual properties that belong to our partners, and that we can use thanks to the agreements that have been reached with them. Under no circumstances can these different elements be considered as our intellectual property. They are simply used on our site to advertise our partners.

Concerning the incomes of this advertising, finally, it is necessary to know that they are generally resulting from the performance of the latter. In other words, we are remunerated in a variable way, according to the actions that our users can carry out.

For example, when one of our users clicks on an advertisement on our site, a remuneration can be generated for Wincomparator. To do so, our partners provide us with a tracked hyperlink, allowing us to follow the path of the Internet user via a cookie system. For more information on this subject, we invite you to consult our policy of use of data and cookies.

Through this advertising charter, we hope to have dealt with the subject of advertising as a whole, and to have informed you as well as possible about its use. In conclusion, please note that these advertisements will never be favoured to the detriment of our editorial offer.

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