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Liga Portugal Odds (Football - Portugal)

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Portugal - Liga Portugal

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What are Liga NOS odds?

Are you a fan of both Portuguese football and sports betting? If so, then you will love the odds offered by bookmakers on Liga NOS! The basic elements of sports betting, odds are decisive for punters, which is why Wincomparator presents all that you need to know about odds on the Primeira Liga.

First off, you should know that odds are encrypted figures that are directly linked to a sports bet. Based on probabilities, which are influenced by various statistics, Liga NOS odds will often vary in value from around 11/10 to 5/1. For example, if you want to bet on Porto to win against Guimaraes, then you will place your money on the odds proposed on this bet (e.g. 13/10). This is the basic principle of odds, and is important to keep in mind.

To the second important point now - the direct relationship between odds values and the probability of a bet to be realised. To put it simply, the higher the chance of a bet being validated, the lower the odds offered on that bet will be. We can demonstrate this using the example of a Liga NOS match between Benfica and Portimonense. 

On paper, this match is rather unbalanced - Benfica have multiple Primeira Liga titles to their name, while Portimonense regularly find themselves involved in the relegation battle - and as such the odds offered on the bet ‘Benfica to Win’ will be quite low (e.g. 1/5). In contrast, the odds offered on the bet ‘Portimonense to Win’ will be much higher (e.g. 9/1) - a difference in values which can be explained by the expected probability of each scenario, as the victory of Benefica is the most likely match outcome. You should always remember: strong probability of success = low odds values.

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Calculating the winnings of Liga NOS odds: the Benfica-Portimonense example

We know that they are the basic elements of sports betting, so it makes sense that the odds offered by bookmakers on the Primeira Liga will often be decisive for the bettor. This is due to the fact that the odds values have a direct impact on the potential winnings of a sports bet. By using the formula Stake x Odds = Gains, the potential winnings of a bet can be calculated, and thus the interest of the wager to the bettor can be determined. We can illustrate this by taking the previous example, a £10 bet on the Benfica vs Portimonense match:

  • Benfica to Win: Odds 1/5 x Stake £10 = £12 potential winnings
  • Draw: Odds 4/1 x Stake £10 = £40 potential winnings
  • Portimonense to Win: Odds 9/1 x Stake £10 - £90 potential winnings

By applying the above formula, we can see that a winning bet on Benfica will offer a less significant financial reward than a winning bet on Portimonense, the latter of which has a much lower chance of being validated. It is then up to you to determine your own betting strategy - to place a safer wager that would result in more modest winnings, or to take a big risk on a less certain result and win big in the case of a surprise. The fundamental practice of sports betting on Liga NOS.

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Why use a Liga NOS odds comparator?

Now that we know the importance of the value of odds, given their direct involvement in the potential winnings of a sports bet, know that this significance particularly comes into play when you consider that different bookmakers can propose different odds values for the same bet. Given the competition that exists on the market, online betting sites can try to attract new customers by offering higher odds values - and thus more significant gains. From here on, the importance of comparing odds on the Primeira Liga should be obvious to you, as it is your winnings that will be impacted. The proof is in the calculation, as we again take the example of a league match between Benfica and Portimonense:

  • I bet £100 on a Benfica win, offered at odds of 1/4 by Bet365: 1/4 x £100 = £125 potential gains
  • I bet £100 on a Benfica win, offered at odds of 1/5 by William Hill: 2/5 x £100 = £120 potential gains
  • I bet £100 on a Benfica win, offered at odds of 3/20 by 888sport: 3/20 x £100 = £115 potential gains

Here, we can see that you would benefit more by placing your bet at Bet365, as opposed to at William Hill or 888sport. For the same value of risk, an additional £10 can be earned by placing your wager at Bet365 instead of at 888sport - thus demonstrating the interest of always comparing odds. Over the course of a whole season, a difference of hundreds of pounds could be seen - so before you place your bet, don’t hesitate to consult our Liga NOS odds comparison.

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Odds on Liga NOS can vary

To conclude this page dedicated to Liga NOS odds, you should also keep in mind that their values can even vary at the same bookmaker, depending on the time elapsed and events that occur before the beginning of a match. For the final time, we look again to the Benfica vs Portimonense example, for which the odds offered on the favourites is 1/5 a few days before the match. 

In the event that one of Benfica’s key players falls victim to injury leading up to the game, or a fight breaks out at the camp in Lisbon just days before the match, the odds offered by bookmakers could change - the odds offered on a Benfica win could increase as they become less likely to win the game. You could see a rise from 1/5 to 1/4, which would actually be even more interesting for your bets. With this in mind, don’t hesitate to regularly check out our Liga NOS odds comparison, as it may prove very useful to your for your bets on the Portuguese football league - good game to all!

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