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Europa League Odds (Football - Europe)

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Europe - Europa League

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What are Europa League Odds?

Do you love the Europa League and sports betting, but you're not quite an expert on bookmakers odds? No problem, as Wincomparator will tell you everything that you need to know these important elements of online betting. Be warned, your bets on football and on this fantastic European league will never be the same again!

The first thing to know about UEFA Europa League odds is that they are directly related to the football bet of your choice. To be clear, if you want to bet on the success of Arsenal against Olympiacos in the group stage, you will place your bet on the proposed odds for 'Arsenal to Win', and not on the team itself - the same reasoning as is applied to any sports bet.

The other characteristic of Europa League betting odds to bear in mind is that its numerical value will always be directly related to probabilities estimated by bookmakers. As such, the more likely an outcome is to occur, the lower the odds offered on that bet will be. The opposite is also true, the less likely a bet is the be realised, the higher the odds will be. Let's look again at the example of English side Arsenal against Greek side Olympiacos.  

In this meeting between a team regarded as superior (Arsenal) and a team that lacks the same level of quality (Olympiacos), the chances of victory for the Gunners are logically higher than the chances of a win for Olympiacos. Therefore, as we discussed above, the odds on the bet 'Arsenal to Win' will be quite low (e.g. 7/5), while the odds for the bet 'Olympiacos to Win' will be relatively high (e.g. 5/1) - Logic.

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Calculating the winnings of UEFA Europa League Odds: The Arsenal - Olympiacos example

To estimate in advance the potential winnings that can be obtained from a successful bet on Europa League odds, the same formula will always be applied - Odds x Stake Bet = Potential Gains. Therefore, by taking the same example as above, we can estimate the potential earnings of a £10 bet on an Arsenal versus Olympiacos fixture.

  • 'Arsenal to Win': Odds 7/5 x Stake Bet £10 = £14 Potential Gains
  • 'Draw': Odds 17/5 x Stake Bet £10 = £34 Potential Gains
  • 'Olympiacos to Win': Odds 5/1 x Stake Bet £10 = £50 Potential Gains

By applying the formula, we can immediately see from the odds offered that a bet on Arsenal is more likely to be successful, however the potential gains to be obtained are lower than those offered on the success of the underdogs Olympiacos. It is then up to you to choose which Europa League betting strategy to adopt - to try to win big at the risk of losing your stake bet, or to play it safe and back the favourites for smaller winnings amounts in the long run.

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Why should you compare Europa League Betting Odds?

From the moment when the nature of odds in influencing winnings becomes evident, it is easy to understand the interest in comparing Europa League odds before betting - using the formula of multiplication on high Europa League odds, your winnings will be significant. Nowadays, as a result of competition between bookmakers; it is often the case that the same proposed bet on the same match can be valued at different odds amongst bookmakers. This detail makes it obvious that odds comparison is a crucial aspect of Europa League betting - the proof is in the calculation:

  • I bet £100 on Arsenal to win, offered at 7/5 by William Hill: 7/5 x £100 = £140 potential gains
  • I bet £100 Arsenal to win, offered at 13/10 at Bet365: 13/10 x £100 = £130 potential winnings
  • I bet £100 on Arsenal to win, offered at 6/5 by Betway: 6/5 x £100 = £120 potential gains.

We can see that for the same amount of risk and the same stake bet, a winning bet with William Hill will yield £20 more than a winning bet placed with Betway - proof of the undeniable usefulness of odds. Before placing any bet in the Europa League, it is a good habit to compare all the odds offered by the various online sports betting sites, be it on a regular match of the competition or even regarding Europa League Winner odds - over an entire season you could see difference in earnings of a few hundred pounds. Champions League winner odds must also be checked over an entire season because they can variate. Keep constantly an eye on our odds comparator.

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When are Europa League Odds at their highest?

We have just discussed how the proposed values of odds can vary depending on the online bookmaker that offers them. Now, it is important to understand that odds values can vary over time, even at the same bookmakers!

Indeed, as is the case in all sports, there are a number of variables that can affect the context of a meeting, and thus the probabilities of the outcomes of a meeting. To show this, we will again take the previous example of a Europa League match between Arsenal and Olympiacos, for which the success of the English side is proposed at 7/5.

If two of the Gunners best players get injured in the lead up to the match day, the probability of the English sides success will be reduced, thus leading the odds offered on their victory to be increased (e.g. from 7/5 to 3/2) - the value of the odds offered on this bet will have increased by the same bookmaker who offered odds of 7/5 only a few days earlier. Other events - player suspension, disharmony in the dressing room or even the dismissal of a coach - can affect the odds offered, once again demonstrating that there is a constant possibility of change to the market value of odds.

The question thus inevitably arises: is there an ideal time to place your Europa League betting tips? Unfortunately, according to our sports betting experts, the answer to this question is no. As there are a significant number of variables that can influence the outcome of a match, it is very complicated - impossible even - to estimate in advance the precise moment to which the odds proposed on your chosen bet will be at their highest. It is then without a doubt your instinct that you must act on, and so it is vital to remain informed about all the latest Europa League news.

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How does our Odds Comparator work?

To always aid you in finding the best odds for your Europa League bets, we have decided to develop a tool that is 100% dedicated to the comparison of odds on this European Football Championship. For each round - from the qualifying phases to the final, including the group stages and the knockout rounds - our comparator will offer you the highest odds live from the market, meaning that you don't have to compare all the sports betting sites on the market one by one. Our Europa League odds comparison will save you valuable time in your match analysis, and also money - by always offering you the best potential winnings for your sports bet. With Wincomparator, your Europa League bets will be easy as pie!

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