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English Premiership Rugby Odds (Rugby - England)

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England - English Premiership Rugby

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What are Gallagher Premiership Rugby Odds?

Are you passionate about the Gallagher Rugby Premiership and sports betting, but unfortunately you are not 100% certain about all the odds offered by bookmakers. No problem, as Wincomparator will give you all that you need to know to make the most of each meeting of the English Premiership.

First of all, we must understand the nature of Premiership odds. Encrypted values that are directly related to a sports bet, these Premiership Rugby odds are a central element of the world of bookmakers. When you are going to bet on the English Rugby Premiership, it is always directly on these odds that you will place your money. For example, if you wish to bet on the victory of Saracens against Northampton, it is on the odds associated with the bet 'Saracens to Win' that you will place your money, and not on the team itself. 21/20, 9/5, 5/2, 6/1, 11/1, all values above 1 are feasible for such odds - you'll get used to it.

The next crucial feature of Premiership rugby betting odds that you must understand is that their values will always be related to the probability of an event to occur. If a bet is considered more likely to be successful by bookmakers, the odds proposed on this outcome will be quite low. The opposite is also true: if an event have a low probability of occurring, the odds offered on this event will be relatively high. We can demonstrate what we mean by this using the example of Saracens against Northampton.

In a relatively unbalanced match in favour of Saracens, the odds on the bet 'Saracens to Win' will be quite low (e.g. 7/5), while those proposed on the outcome 'Northampton to Win' will be much higher (e.g. 6/1). Sarries being much a much stronger side than their opponents on paper makes the probability of their success greater, and so the odds offered on their victory are naturally low. Always important to bear in mind for Premiership betting - High Probability = Low Odds.

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Calculating Premiership Winnings using Odds: The Saracens-Northampton example

The fundamentals of sports betting, we now know that odds are determined based on probability. The next step of understanding odds is to know that they can be used to determine the potential winnings of a bet. By using the formula Odds x Stake Bet = Potential Gains you can calculate the amount you stand to win should your bet prove to be successful. We can demonstrate this by considering a £10 Stake bet on the above Saracens vs Northampton scenario:

  • 'Saracens to Win': Odds 7/5 x £10 Stake Bet = £14 Potential Gains
  • 'Draw': Odds 11/1 x £10 Stake Bet = £110 Potential Gains
  • 'Northampton to Win': Odds 6/1 x £10 Stake Bet = £60 Potential Gains

By applying this useful formula, we can see that a winning bet on the victory of Saracens will result in £46 less potential winnings than a bet on the success of Northampton - a difference in earnings explained by the difference in probabilities of both outcomes. As such, it is up to you to determine the rugby Premiership betting strategy you want to put in place - to try for a jackpot at a higher risk value, or to limit the level of risk you take by targeting smaller gains that are more likely to be realised.

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Why is it worth comparing Premiership Rugby odds?

So as we have just discussed, bookmakers odds will systematically affect the potential winnings of a rugby bet, which can calculated using a simple multiplication formula - and as the formula is one of multiplication, it is easy to understand that the higher the odds are, the higher the winnings will be. In considering this observation, the interest of comparing odds becomes evident when you also consider the fact that odds values can vary amongst the many bookmakers operating on the sports betting market (Bet365, 888Sport, Betway etc.). The proof is in the calculation:

  • I bet £100 the odds 'Saracens to Win', offered at 7/5 by Betway: 7/5 x £100 = £140 Potential Gains
  • I bet £100 the odds 'Saracens to Win', offered at 13/10 by 888Sport: 13/10 x £100 = £130 Potential Gains
  • I bet £100 the odds 'Saracens to Win', offered at 5/4 by Betway: 5/4 x £100 = £125 Potential Gains

You can see that for the same rugby bet, but placed a different bookmakers, a significant difference in earnings may affect your kitty. In this case, a difference £15 can be seen between Bet365 and Betway - do you see the interest of comparing rugby Premiership odds?

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When are Rugby Premiership Odds at their highest?

In addition to varying amongst bookmakers, the odds offered on an English Premiership match can also vary according to time, even at the same bookmaker on the same bet. As a result of the many different variables that can influence the result of a game, it is not uncommon to see the odds offered on the game you wish to bet on evolve over time - this can come about due to the injury of a major player, trainer suspension, or even a change in venue of a fixture. Inevitably, the obvious question then arises - at what moment is it best to place your bet in order to profit from the maximum values of odds? Unfortunately, there is no fixed answer to this question.

Given the significant number of variables that can influence a meeting, and the inability to predict some of these variables (injury, a player's personal issues etc.), it is very complicated to know in advance the perfect time to place your bet. To then decide the right time to bet, it is crucial to keep updated on all the news and updates surrounding the match of your choice, and to use your own instinct to bet in according to this information.

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How does our Premiership Rugby Odds Comparator work?

If knowing in advance the best moment to place a bet is impossible, knowing the best Live Odds is simple with our Premiership Odds Comparator. This innovative tool is specially designed for rugby lovers, as it analyses all the odds live on the market, so that you can benefit from the best odds on offer for the match of your choice.

By constantly researching information available at different bookmakers on the UK market, our Premiership Odds Comparator allows you not only to save time - you will no longer have to search each bookmaker site individually to find the best odds - but also money, by allowing you to maximise the potential winnings of your betting slip. Leaving no room for doubt about your bet, you will always be sure to enjoy the best odds available on the Premiership!

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