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NBA Betting Tips from our Experts


golden state warriors

Making predictions on the NBA ensures that you will be involved in one of the biggest sports spectacles every year. The NBA is the American Basketball Championship, the world's foremost basketball league, which pits the best teams in the United States against over the course of a season. Each year, 30 teams compete for the title of NBA champion, in a championship divided into two conferences (East and West). The format of competition is simple, after the 82 days of the regular season the top eight teams of each Conference are qualified for the end-of-season NBA Playoffs, where they must battle for the title of Conference Champion. Once both Conferences have finally determined their champion, the NBA Grand Final then takes place, to determine the US Basketball Champion.

The NBA, more than any other league, plays host to world-renowned teams that thrill the hearts of millions of fans from around the globe: legendary clubs such as Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs and of course the Golden State Warriors. While it may be more spectacular than tactical from time to time, the National Basket Association (NBA) is one of the most watched sports competitions in the world, especially amongst sports bettors. For the 2019/20 season, be prepared, as NBA betting may well take up a good part of your free time - this championship is so exhilarating!

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To bet well on the NBA, there are obviously some statistics you should know about the American basketball league. The teams of this US Championship are famed for their preference in providing an offensive spectacle. Unlike many European competitions, the NBA has always favoured the race for points, more often rewarding the teams that rack up the points than those with solid defensive tactics. Whether in the East or the West every NBA game sees an average of more than 210 points, which was the case last year in the 2018-2019 season. For this 2019/20 season, do not hesitate to place bets on high-scoring NBA games.

Another important fact to know is that the home advantage is crucial in the NBA, more so than in any other World Basketball Championship. In the past ten years, an average ratio of 60% of wins have been recorded at home in the NBA, such as last year when 61% of meetings in the East and 59% in the West saw success for the locals - showing that each team knows how to perform in front of their home crowd. So, if you're planning to place a bet on a game between two mid-ranking teams, keep in mind the team that has the home advantage: essential for your NBA predictions.

Last but definitely not least, bear in mind that bear in mind that the gaps in the scoreline are often considerable after a match between two NBA teams. Indeed, American basketball matches often end with heavy scores in favor of one team or another, as evidenced by the average difference of 10 points recorded last year. Once again, for your NBA 2019/20 bets, don’t hesitate to predict handicap scores for the franchise of your choice, take the experts word in NBA.

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After the Toronto Raptors were crowned surprise champions last season, the NBA should again be the source of fierce battles between the biggest US franchises. Last year's finalists the Golden State Warriors will again be favoured this season, along with Leonard’s Clippers, James’ Lakers, the Buck or Durant and Irving’s Brooklyn Nets. You can expect plenty of excitement during the upcoming 2019/20 NBA season, so don’t be afraid to make our first predictions once the Draft and transfer period have concluded.

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Which team will win the NBA 2019/20?

  • Los Angeles Clippers - 3/1
  • Los Angeles Lakers - 15/4
  • Milwaukee Bucks - 11/2
  • Philadelphia 76ers - 17/2
  • Houston Rockets - 12/1
  • Golden State Warriors - 12/1

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