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NBA Betting Tips from our Experts

NBA Prediction 2023-2024

NBA predictions for season 23-24

Making a prediction on the NBA is often the assurance of being thrilled by the greatest basketball tournament in the world.  The NBA is the world's premier basketball league, pitting the best franchises in the United States against each other over a full season. Each year, 30 teams compete for the title of NBA champion, in a championship divided into two conferences (East and West). The principle of the competition is simple: after the 82 days of the regular season, the top six franchises in each Conference qualify for the NBA Playoffs at the end of the season, in which each team competes for the Conference title. Franchises ranked between 7th and 10th meet in a mini-tournament to reach the Playoffs. Finally, when the two conferences have finally determined their champion teams, the NBA Finals are held to determine the USA Basketball Champion. This is quite a program in itself, which makes the NBA prediction one of the favorites of basketball betting fans.

In the NBA more than anywhere else, it is obviously the mythical teams that make the hearts of millions of fans around the world vibrate. Each era has featured legendary franchises, from the Chicago Bulls to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics, the New York Knicks, the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors. Perhaps more spectacular than tactical, the National Basketball Association (NBA) remains one of the world's most closely followed sports competitions, especially for sports bettors. Last season saw the Denver Nuggets defeat the Miami Heat in five games to claim the franchise’s first ever NBA title. Nikola Jokic led the way for his Nuggets team and earned the Finals MVP award to go along with his two league MVP awards. For the Heat, it was Jimmy Butler and crew’s second time in the Finals in the past four years. Unfortunately for them, they finished as the runners-up in both. So, the question is: can the Denver Nuggets repeat as champions?

We'll find out soon enough as we quickly approach the NBA Playoffs as the regular season is in full swing. Prepare for an action-packed end to the regular season and start of the playoffs as NBA betting odds may well take up some of your spare time. This is certainly a championship you won't want to miss!

NBA 2023/24 important dates

  • Regular season: 17 October 2023 to 8 April 2024
  • All-Star game: 18 February 2024
  • Play-in tournament: 10 April 2024
  • Play-offs: April to May 2024
  • NBA Finals: June 2024

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NBA Prediction: Statistics to know

Paul George of the LA Clippers

When betting on any sport, it's important to have a in-depth pool of statistics to pull data from. This rings true for the NBA as well. Below are some statistics we've compiled that should help you when making your predictions for the coming 2023/24 season. All statistics are taken from the completed 2022/23 campaign.

2022-23 regular season:

  • Overall scoring average: 114.7
  • Three-point shooting efficiency per team: 36%
  • Free throw efficiency per team: 78.2%
  • Average rebounds per game: 43.4
  • Average assists per game: 25.3
  • Average blocks per game: 4.5
  • Average number of fouls per game: 19.9
  • Team with the highest scoring average: Sacramento Kings (120.7)
  • Team with the highest three-point shooting efficiency: Philadelphia 76ers (38.7 %)
  • Team with the highest free throw efficiency: Philadelphia 76ers (83.5 %)
  • Team with more rebounds per game: Milwaukee Bucks (48.6)
  • Team with more assists per game: Golden State Warriors (29.8)
  • Team with most blocks per game: Brooklyn Nets (6.2)
  • Team with most fouls per game: Detroit Pistons (22.1)

2022-23 Postseason (play-in and playoffs)

  • Overall scoring average: 108.6
  • Three-point shooting efficiency per team: 34.6%
  • Free throw efficiency per team: 78.7%
  • Average rebounds per game: 42.6
  • Average number of assists per game: 24.4
  • Average blocks per game: 4.6
  • Average number of fouls per game: 19.7
  • Team with highest scoring average: Milwaukee Bucks (118.8)
  • Team with the highest three-point shooting efficiency: Miami Heat (38 %)
  • Team with the highest free throw efficiency: Philadelphia 76ers (88.6 %)
  • Team with more rebounds per game: Sacramento Kings (47.7)
  • Team with most assists per game: Golden State Warriors (28.2)
  • Team with most blocks per game: Los Angeles Lakers & Boston Celtics (6.4)
  • Team with most fouls per game: Los Angeles Clippers (23)

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NBA : Our free prediction for the 2023-2024 season

Betting advices NBA season 23-24

Coming off their first ever championship last season, the Denver Nuggets are poised to make another deep run this time around. They've been steadily rolling along in the regular season, looking like a well-oiled machine at times. This has resulted in the oddsmakers leaving the Nuggets at more or less the same price as they were to start the season. We believe that this team has the talent to repeat as champions given the continuity in their team as they are essentially running it back with close to the same roster as last year.

Most importantly, the Nuggets have Nikola Jokic running the show. The two-time MVP and 2023 NBA Finals MVP is the best player in the NBA and is putting up never-before-seen numbers at the center position. He nearly averaged a triple double last season with 24.8 points per game, 11.8 rebounds and 9.8 assists and has continued his stellar play into the 2023/24 season. The result is Jokic currently the heavy favorite to win his third MVP award as the Serbian big man has been simply unguardable this season. With Jokic on the floor, the Nuggets will always be within a shot at winning. Not only do they have the best player in the NBA currently running the show, but they also boast a genuine second superstar in Jamal Murray. Depth might be an issue as they team was essentially running an eight-man rotation in the previous playoffs. However, if they are able to stay healthy, expect them to be in contention as we progress deeper into the playoffs. They are our pick to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy come June.

2023/24 NBA Prediction: Odds on the favorites for the NBA championship

  • Boston Celtics - 3.50
  • Denver Nuggets - 5.50
  • LA Clippers - 6.00
  • Milwaukee Bucks - 7.50
  • Phoenix Suns - 15.00
  • Minnesota Timberwolves - 21.00
  • NY Knicks - 21.00
  • OKC Thunder - 21.00
  • Philadelphia 76ers - 26.00
  • Cleveland Cavaliers - 29.00
  • Dallas Mavericks - 29.00
  • LA Lakers - 29.00
  • Golden State Warriors - 36.00
  • Miami Heat - 36.00
  • New Orleans Pelicans - 61.00
  • Sacramento Kings - 67.00

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