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The Europa League, formerly known as the UEFA Cup, is in a way the little sister of the Champions League. This competition includes 158 teams in the initial qualification stage, but only 48 from the group phase. This European Cup has evolved over the years and has become, for many clubs on the continent, a competition as prestigious as the Champions League.

Based on the country in which the team is from, those who participate in this league qualify based on their position as runners-up in their domestic championships at the end of the regular season. Depending on the method in which a team qualifies, teams can enter the competition at either the qualification stage, directly into the group stage or for some in the final stage. In other words, the teams that play in the Champions League and finish third in their groups, have the chance to compete in the Europa League and therefore to continue on the European stage, which is very important in the life of a club.

In the last ten years, big clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Sevilla, Porto, or more recently Atlético Madrid have won this competition. It is these top clubs who make the Europa League predictions one of the favourites of sports bettors every year. For the 2018-2019 season, do not be surprised to see the betting proposals pour into your online betting sites: the tournament continues to grow!

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To succeed in your predictions of the Europa League, several key figures will must be kept in mind when betting. First of all, know that last year 56% of the meetings had +2.5 goals, for an overall average of 2.71 shots reaching the back of the net in each meeting. These two important statistics that show are that the Europa League remains one of the most spectacular tournaments in the world, and that should push you to bet on goals every Thursday night.

Then, note that away teams usually thrive in the Europa League. During the past season, 67% of the matches have seen at least one goal from the visiting club, which is almost 7 out of 10 cases, an astonishing number which will undoubtedly make you turn to the market "Goal of team 2" . Very often, it is proposed around a rating of 19/10, it would be wrong of us to keep this from you!

Another key stat for the Europa League is the impressive amount of goals scored after an hour of play. In most competitions around the world, it's usually the last quarter of an hour of play that is rich in goals. Not for the Europa League however! Last year, as two years ago, it was indeed between the 60th and 75th minutes of play that the most goals were scored in the Europa League. If you have a doubt or a lack of inspiration before betting on the Europa League, do not hesitate to try again, the odds offered by the bookmakers are very favourable.

Finally, to complete these main tips for betting on the Europa League, know that only 70% of the clubs that hosted in the return leg have qualified for the round following the previous season, seven teams out of ten. This fairly significant figure shows that for the 2018-2019 season, it will be very interesting and appropriate to bet on the teams that will host the return leg. Good odds will once again be offered for such meetings for nice potential gains. Believe our experts in Europa League predictions, there is a lot to win on the competition!

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With two favourites - Chelsea and Arsenal - and two surprises - Frankfurt and Valencia - still in the running in this year’s competition, the Europa League 2018-19 Semi Finals are set to be very exciting for sports fans. If we were to choose one team to favour, our football experts would surely predict the Gunners, who have played well in the competition week-in and week-out, and are coached by three-time winner of the competition Unai Emery. If they manage to beat Valencia in the Semi’s, then there is not doubt that Aubameyang and company will have taken a big step towards being crowned Champions - we will see!

The Semi Finals

  • Arsenal vs Valencia
  • Frankfurt vs Chelsea

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Who will win the Europa League?

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