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Ligue 1 Odds (Football - France)

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France - Ligue 1

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What are Ligue 1 Football Odds?

For football fans that are just starting out in sports betting, know that odds are going to be central elements of all your bets on Ligue 1 football. Encrypted values, these odds will be directly related to the probabilities that surround a meeting of your choice, and will also be related to the scenario on which you want to place your bet.

What must be understood about the values of Ligue 1 odds is that they are directly proportional to the chances of a scenario occurring. More specifically, the higher the risk associated with a bet, the higher the odds offered on that outcome will be. To that the case of a match between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique Marseille, a victory for PSG is likely to be offered at low odds (e.g. 6/5), while the odds of a Marseille victory will be offered at much higher odds (e.g. 8/1). Your potential winnings will thus be greater in the event of a winning bet on Marseille than on a successful bet on PSG - Logic.

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Calculating Winnings using Odds for Ligue 1 Betting: The PSG - OM Example

To calculate the potential winnings of your Ligue 1 bet, the formula applied will always be the same - Odds x Stake Bet = Potential Gains. Therefore, using the example of a £10 bet on a game between PSG and Marseille, we can estimate the potential winnings as follows:

  • 'PSG to Win': Odds 6/5 x £10 Stake Bet = £12 Potential Gains
  • 'Draw': Odds 17/5 x £10 Stake Bet = £34 Potential Gains
  • 'Marseille to Win': Odds 8/1 x Stale Bet £10 = £80 Potential Gains

You can thus understand that a bet on the victory of PSG is more likely to be successful than a bet on Marseille to win, even if such a bet on Marseille would result in a higher reward amount should they be successful. In this case, it is up to you to use your judgment to create your own Ligue 1 betting strategy.

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Why is it worth comparing League Betting 1 odds?

As soon as the values of odds enters your potential winnings calculations, the use of comparing Ligue 1 odds also becomes obvious - to bet on the highest odds proposed on the market. Logically, if we resume the above calculation, we can see that the higher the value of odds offered, the more potential earnings you stand to receive, and vice versa. Since there are many different bookmakers on the market (Bet365, William Hill, Betway), each of which can offer different odds values on the same bet, it makes sense financially to place your bet with the site that offers the highest values for the match of your choice. Here's proof by calculation:

  • I bet £100 on 'PSG to Win', offered at 7/5 at Betway: 7/5 x £100 = £140 potential winnings
  • I bet £100 on 'PSG to Win', offered at 13/10 at Bet365: 13/10 x £100 = £130 potential winnings
  • I bet £100 on 'PSG to Win', offered at 6/5 at William Hill: 6/5 x £100 = £120 potential winning

For the same bet on the same match, I stand to win £20 more by placing my bet at Betway than with William Hill. This shows the interest of always comparing Ligue 1 odds before betting - a difference of hundreds of pounds could be seen over the course of a season. There can thus be only one solution - register an account with all the bookmakers available on the market.

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When are Ligue 1 odds at their highest?

In addition to varying amongst bookmakers, Ligue 1 betting odds can also see a change in value in accordance to time. There are many different parameters that can directly impact the odds offered by online sports betting sites, such as player injuries, recent fixtures, suspensions or even statements made by coaches. For example, in a match between Lyon and Bordeaux, the proposed odds for the success of the favourites OL could rise from 9/5 to 2/1 if Les Gones lose their best player to injury in the run-up to the match. Without their star player, Lyon will have more difficulty in beating Bordeaux, which is the reason for the increase in odds values amongst bookmakers.

The question thus arises - when should I place my bet in order to take advantage of the best odds proposed on the market? Is there a moment for every match? According to our experts in Ligue 1 odds, the answer to these questions are unfortunately negative. Given the wide range of different variables that can impact each match of the French Football Championship, it is impossible to determine the key moment to place an online bet. For each fixture, it is necessary to rely on your instinct, based on your own feelings as well as all the up-to-date news that surrounds the match of your choice. At a push, know that the odds offered on an early bet are often at their highest if you want to bet on a favourite, and often devalue as the game approaches, but it is a higher risk involved.

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How does our odds comparator work?

To help you quickly find the best Ligue 1 odds for your bet, Wincomparator and its experts have developed a tool 100% dedicated to the comparison of odds on the French Ligue 1. For every day, at every stage of the tournament, no matter the time of day, you can find the bookmaker that offers the highest odds values for the bet of your choice. Rather than having to analyse each betting site individually, you can save time and be sure not to miss out of the best odds - in sum, a saving of both time and money.

To find the best Ligue 1 betting odds on the game of your choice, our technology is also simple: all the odds on the market are analyzed live, and the highest are displayed instantly in our comparative table. And when the odds are equal? In this case it is very simple - if two bookmakers offer the same odds for your bet, we give priority to the one who offers the best betting site (based on factors such as welcome bonus, quality of the site, design, speed, intuitiveness etc.). No more doubt allowed for your bets!

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