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Serie A Odds (Football - Italy)

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Italy - Serie A

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What are Serie A odds?

Are you a fan of sports betting and the Serie A, but you don't quite understand everything about the odds offered by bookmakers? No problem, as we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the odds on the Italian Football Championship. Each value of Serie A odds offered will be central to your sports bet, so pay attention!

First of all, when we talk about sports betting, what exactly are Serie A betting odds? It's quite simple actually, as they are encrypted values directly linked to bets offered by bookmakers - Serie A odds are the elements on which you will place your money during a Serie A bet. For example, if you want to place a bet on Napoli to win against Genoa, it is on the odds associated with the bet 'Napoli to Win' that you will place your money, as opposed to on the team itself - The basics of odds.

Secondly, keep in mind that the values of Serie A odds will be determined in accordance with probability by sports betting sites. In this way, the higher the probabilities of an outcome, the lower the odds offered on that Serie A bet will be. The opposite is also true, if a bet on a Serie A match is less likely to be a winner, the odds associated with that bet will be relatively high. We can take the example of a Napoli vs Genoa match to further understand this.

In this rather unbalanced encounter between the much stronger Napoli side and Genoa, the odds proposed for the bet 'Napoli to Win' will be quite low (e.g. 7/5), while those offered on the bet 'Genoa to Win' will be much higher (e.g. 23/5). Due to their higher quality, Napoli are much more likely to win this fixture, and as such the odds offered on their victory are lower. Always remember this relationship: Strong Probabilities = Lower Odds.

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Calculating Winnings of Serie A Betting using Odds: The Napoli - Genoa Example

If the value of odds on Serie A matches is so important, it is because they determine the potential winnings of a sports bet. With the simple formula Odds x Stake Bet = Potential Gains, you can learn the earnings of a winning bet, which we will now demonstrate using the example of a £10 bet on a Napoli vs Genoa Serie A match:

  • 'Napoli to Win': Odds 7/5 x £10 Stake Bet = £14 Potential Gains
  • 'Draw': Odds 17/5 x £10 Stake Bet = £34 Potential Gains
  • 'Genoa to Win': Odds 18/5 x £10 Stake Bet = £46 Potential Gains

By using the above formula, we can see the influence of odds on Serie A betting. A bet on the victory of Napoli is more likely to be a winner than the same bet on Genoa, but it will bring in less potential earnings because the odds are weaker. As is the norm, you will then have to choose the best betting strategy to adopt - either aim for big winnings at a higher level of risk, or to bet on low odds that have favourable probabilities, resulting in lower gains.

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Why is it worth comparing Serie Betting A odds?

As we have just discussed, the value of Serie A odds will directly affect the potential winnings of your bet - the higher the odds on which you place your bet, the greater your potential winnings will be. Therefore, since the various bookmakers on the market (Bet365, William Hill, Betway) can all propose different odds values for the same bet in order to differentiate themselves from their competition, the interest in comparing odds values becomes evident. The value of your earnings will always be affected by this, which we will show by again taking the example of the Serie A match between Napoli and Genoa:

  • I bet £100 on 'Napoli to Win', offered at 7/5 by Bet365: 7/5 x £100 = £140 Potential Gains
  • I bet £100 on 'Napoli to Win', offered at 13/10 by Betway: 13/10 x £100 = £130 Potential Gains
  • I bet £100 on 'Napoli to Win', offered at 6/5 by William Hill: 6/5 x £100 = £120 Potential Gains

By applying the simple formula Odds x Stake Bet = Potential Gains, we can quickly see that a bet placed with Bet365 will earn £20 more than a bet placed with William Hill. It doesn't sound like the greatest amount, but over the course of an entire season of the Italian Football League it would become a significant figure - in 38 match days, a difference in earnings of hundreds of pounds could be seen. The advice to ensure you don't miss out in your Serie A betting will as such be - Register with all the best bookmakers on the market, so that you can compare their odds and bet with the site that offers the best values for the bet of your choice.

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When are Serie A odds at their highest?

As we have seen, a variance in Serie A betting odds offered amongst bookmakers is not an uncommon occurrence. What you may not be aware of is that odds can vary in value at the same bookmaker depending on time, and there are many events related to Serie A fixtures that can occur. Whether it's the absence of a major player (due to either injury or suspension), the dismissal of a coach, or even what goes on behind closed doors at a club, there are many variables that can influence the probabilities related to a match, and thus the odds proposed by bookmakers. Let's take again the example of the match between Napoli and Genoa.

For example, if just a few days before kick-off, Napoli's top-scorer is sold to another club, it is undeniable that the quality of their side is reduced, and as such they will be less likely to beat their opponents. In this scenario, sports betting sites will review the odds they have proposed - those offered on the bet 'Napoli to Win' will be increased (e.g. from 7/5 to 8/5), while the odds offered on the bet 'Genoa to Win' will decrease (e.g. from 23/5 to 4/1). This reasoning will logically raise the following question: is there a perfect moment to bet so that the odds will be at their highest? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no.

As there is such a wide variety of different variables that surround a match, it is impossible to correctly choose in advance the precise moment that is best to place your bet. The data is too random, so you have to rely on your own instinct and common sense to judge when Serie A odds are of the best value. To help you, you can follow all the news related to the two teams involved in a match of your choice, or review Wincomparator's Italian football predictions.

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How does our Serie A Odds Comparator work?

Although it is impossible to determine for sure the best time to place your bet, know that it can be much easier to find the best odds on the market using our Serie A betting odds comparator. For every match of the Italian Football Championship, we deliver the best odds for the bet of your choice directly to you. From Bet365, to William Hill, to Betway and beyond, our useful tool reports all the live odds offered on the market, to offer you the best values all on one page.

This tool that is 100% dedicated to the Italian Championship that will save you a lot of time, since you will not have to go to each site one by one to compare the odds for your bet. In the end, our comparator will allow you to maximize your winnings on Serie A, and all of Italian football. Ready to take your chances? So go for it!

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