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What are handball odds?

Are you a fan of both sports betting and handball, but are still unsure about how to go about creating a prediction? No need to fret, as Wincomparator’s experts will the secrets of the essential elements that you need to bet on handball - the odds proposed by online sports betting sites.

So, what exactly are handball betting odds?

To put it simply, odds are central elements of sports betting, as it is these figures that determine the potential winnings of a sports bet - thus also indicating the interest in placing a bet. Directly linked to the bet to which they are attached, odds are numerical values on which you would place your wager (e.g. odds of 1/2). For example, if you want to place a bet on London GD against Warrington Wolves in the Premier Handball League, you would place your money on the odds proposed by the bookmakers - perhaps around 2/5, 1/2, or even 3/5 in this case.

An important factor to take into account is that it is the betting sites themselves that determine the value of odds associated with each sports bet. This value is determined based on probabilities, statistics and other such variables for each market. Essentially, the more likely an event is to occur, the lower the odds associated with that bet will be - and vice versa.

Take the example of a World Championship game between France and Austria. In an unbalanced match such as this, where the French are much stronger than their opponents, a bet on ‘France to Win’ will be offered at relatively low odds (e.g. 1/5) given that they have a good chance of winning the game. On the other hand, a relatively higher odds value (e.g. 6/1) will be offered on ‘Austria to Win’, as the side is much less likely to be victorious in such a fixture.

An awareness of the odds-probability relationship is essential, as it will help you decide whether or not to place your bet, by allowing you to calculate the potential gains of a wager. This function is useful to keep in mind, as it is obviously by considering the odds associated with a certain bet that you will evaluate your potential gains.

We can demonstrate this by again taking the example of a match between France and Austria, using the formula Odds x Stake = Gains:

  • If I bet £10 a French victory, my potential gains will be: odds of 1/5 x £10 stake bet = £12
  • If I bet £10 a Austrian victory, my potential gains will be: odds of 6/1 x £10 stake bet = £60

So, from this we can see that the higher the odds offered on a bet are, the higher the potential winnings will be. This difference in earnings can be explained by the differences in probabilities between sports bets. When a bet is risky, and has a lower chance of being realised, the winnings associated with that bet will be quite high. The opposite is also true - so it’s up to your to decide whether to take a bigger risk on high earnings, or play it safe for a lower final pot.

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Why should you always compare handball betting odds?

As we have just explained, the value of handball odds will always influence the potential returns of your bet, as it is by multiplying your stake by these variables that you can determine the prize pool at stake. Since these odds can vary between each bookmaker on the market (Bet365, 888sport, William Hill…), then you can understand the interest in always comparing odds values. Here is proof in numbers, using the same France vs Austria example as above:

  • I bet £100 on ‘France to Win’, with odds of 3/10 at Bet365 = I can win £130
  • I bet £100 on ‘France to Win’, with odds of 1/5 at 888sport = I can win £120
  • I bet £100 on ‘France to Win’, with odds of 1/10 at William Hill = I can win £110

So for the same stake amount on the same betting market - and thus a similar expense and risk value - I stand to earn an extra £8 by placing my money on the odds offered at Bet365, as opposed to those offered by William Hill.

The effect of this can no doubt be felt at the end of a season, where you can observe a difference of a few hundred pounds. So, you can now see the importance of always comparing odds values before you bet - which you can easily do using our Wincomparator Handball odds comparison, available on dozens of competitions.

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Attention - handball odds can vary!

The final basic element to be aware of regarding handball odds if the possibility that they can vary over time, even at the same bookmaker. While they will often be different across the many betting sites on the market, handball odds can even evolve at the same online bookmaker due to the changing nature of probabilities. For the last time, let’s consider the example of the France-Austria match, for which a victory for the Blues is quoted at 1/5.

If, 48 hours before the start of the match, France’s two best players receive a suspension, and are therefore unavailable for selection in the upcoming game, the probability of a French win will be affected. As they will have a lower chance of winning the game, the odds on the bet ‘France to Win’ will increase at the bookmakers. To be more concrete, the odds values may rise to 3/10, while those offered on an Austrian victory would drop from 6/1 to 3/1.

This aspect clearly shows the importance of keeping up to date on the odds surrounding a match - with this in mind, why not regularly check out our handball odds comparator before placing your bets.

Everything has been covered? In that case, it’s up to you! Betting on the best odds on the market has never been easier!

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