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Wincomparator - Our Editorial Policy

As an expert in online betting, Wincomparator helps bettors in a variety of ways. No matter which sport it is that we are covering, we offer an incomparable odds comparator. This remains the DNA of the brand. Also offered is an excellent livescore tool. This ensures that you don’t miss any of our match previews/predictions written by our team of experts. We also publish extensive reviews of leading online bookmakers. These different contents are then subject to an internal quality charter, the main points of which we reveal on this page.

Editorial policy

On the website, all content is checked and subject to permanent quality control. Here is how we achieve this:

Our Bookmaker Tests

Within the Wincomparator offer, you will find three types of files directly linked to sports betting sites. In the same environment, we offer you reviews of international online bookmakers. This includes Bwin, Bet365, 22Bet, Snai, 1xBet, Winamax and Betway to name just a few. This coverage examines in depth the services they provide the welcome bonuses they offer and others on their possible promotional codes.

In order to offer you complete and regularly updated tests, a strict methodology is employed. Firstly, one of our team of online betting experts will analyse each site. Their findings will then be validated by other members of our team. Once this has been undertaken, the review is written and then published. Finally, we make sure that the information gathered is constantly reviewed and if any changes are required, we aim to do this as quickly as possible. This procedure allows Wincomparator to offer our readers clear, objective and updated content.

Our sports prognoses

In addition to introducing you to the different bookmakers on the market, and helping you to register accounts with them with great ease, Wincomparator also provides on a daily basis, sports predictions written by our experts. This doesn’t just include soccer but also other sports such as tennis, basketball, baseball, cricket and rugby, oh and handball too. Our aim is to help you make winning bets on these sports..

In order to offer increasingly clear, objective and consistent forecasts, a precise methodology is also used internally. First of all, a complete analysis of the sports match is carried out, on a statistical, probability, psychological and contextual level. You will find the details of these factors on our dedicated prognosis pages.

In a second step, a comparison of the bookmakers' odds is then carried out. What we supply our readers with is always factual information.  As you will see for yourself on the entire Wincomparator site - odds comparator par excellence - the best bookmakers' odds are clearly visible, which will help you decide which bookmaker to place your bet with. When we make our predictions, the highest odds are therefore noted and then selected to be put forward.

Finally, our third stage is the writing of our previews and forecasts. These will be published on the site with a steady stream available each and every week.

The policy of our odds comparator

Since the creation of the site in 2008, the first DNA of Wincomparator is the comparison of bookmaker odds. Every day, for a number of different sports, the odds of hundreds of matches are shown taken from several online bookmakers. All the sports betting sites we are involved with are then published.

As you will see on our home page, the odds being offered by the best bookmakers are published on our site. This helps you optimize your winnings if your selections are successful. Our policy is also clear and perpetual on this subject. The best odds are systematically highlighted on all the sports events that we deal with. This is one of the reasons why you will often notice a great variation in the betting sites highlighted: the best odds are not always offered by the same bookmaker.

Wincomparator's commitments

In addition to a clear editorial charter and a fixed methodology for its contents, Wincomparator is committed to respecting numerous commitments to its users. Here are the main ones.

We are passionate

In order to offer inspired, coherent and specialized content, you obviously need to be passionate about the subject you're writing about. That's why, since the launch of the site, all the Wincomparator editors have been passionate experts in sports and sports betting. No matter their favorite disciplines or their personal experiences, our contributors are true sports lovers.

We are professionals

If they are passionate about sports, all the editors of Wincomparator are first and foremost great professionals. Committed to their love of writing, experience over a number of years working in this field and their expertise,  Each of them is committed to sharing their sports knowledge with you.

We are impartial

Like all sports enthusiasts, our editors obviously have their preferences regarding the different sports teams. That is why impartiality remains the keyword of our editorial staff, especially when it comes to sports predictions. No matter what content you read, nothing will ever be altered by our experts' commitment to a team. Their heart will not overrule their head. As sports betting professionals, our editors do not hesitate to offer you predictions against their favorite teams. Their primary objective remains producing a preview that will help you make successful selections.

We are willing to embrace new ideas

In order to offer you the best possible content, Wincomparator is constantly looking for new ideas and innovative solutions. Often, adjustments are thus made to our writing methodology, and the site is improved. Each user's experience remains the priority.

We are listening

Wincomparator has always made listening to the views of our readers a priority. In order to propose the best possible offer in all circumstances, everyone's remarks are taken into account, regardless of their nature. This is how the site can progress and improve in the future. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any remarks or suggestions.

We respect the legal framework

As you know, sports betting is a field of activity that is highly regulated by international legislation. For the totality of the offer proposed by the site, all the conditions and obligations are obviously respected to the letter.

For France, for example, the directives of the National Gaming Authority (ANJ) are scrupulously applied, in order to guarantee you the best possible security. For example, you will never find any unlicensed bookmaker on our site. This reasoning is also applied in Belgium with the BAGO, in the United Kingdom with the Gambling Commission, in Italy with the AAMS texts, and in Spain with those of the BOE. Every effort is made to apply the law of each country.

We fight against addiction

Although online gambling is a fun and recreational activity, unfortunately some gamblers can become addicted and put their personal situation at risk. This is why, via our Gambling Addiction section, we are also committed to referring you in case of difficulty. Under no circumstances should sports betting become a source of problems for you and your loved ones. Do not hesitate to consult our dedicated section.

How does the content remunerate us?

In order to offer you the best possible content, and to continue to work with the most knowledgeable experts in sports betting, Wincomparator accepts to receive advertising on its site in order to be remunerated. If you wish to obtain more information on this subject, we invite you to consult our advertising charter. All the details are indicated there.

You want to write for us?

Always attentive to its global offer, Wincomparator is constantly looking for talented collaborators. If you feel that you are up to our standards, passionate about sport, a specialist in sports betting and ambitious, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form. Wincomparator will be happy to hear from you. 

Send us your Resume to us and let us know why you would like to work for our site. We will be happy to answer you. The future editorial policy of the site may well come from the ideas you give us.!

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