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Ice Hockey betting odds

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What are Ice Hockey odds?

Do you have a passion for Ice Hockey and sports betting, but you’re unsure about the role played by betting odds offered by bookmakers? Not to worry, as we will provide you with everything you need to know about these essential elements of betting on Ice Hockey. So, first of all, what do we mean when we talk about Ice Hockey betting odds?

To put it simply, Ice Hockey odds are found at all betting sites, and are numerical values directly linked to a betting market. As such, each sports bet available at an online bookmaker is evaluated using odds, the values of which generally range from anywhere between 1/20 and 10/1. For example, if you want to put a bet on the victory of the Boston Bruins against the St Louis Blues in the NHL, it will be on the odds proposed for ‘Boston to Win’ (e.g. 9/50) that you would place your stake.

The most important thing to remember about Ice Hockey odds is that their value will always be calculated according to the probability of a bet to be a winner. The more likely a bet is to succeed, the lower the odds associated with that bet will be.The opposite is also true - the higher the risk associated with a bet, the higher the odds offered by bookmakers will be. We can again take the example of the NHL meeting between the Bruins and the Blues to demonstrate this, for which the Bruins would be favourites.

In this instance, the odds proposed on the bet ‘Boston to Win’ would be quite low (e.g. 9/50), given that they are the wide favourites to be victorious. On the other hand, the odds offered on ‘St Louis to Win’ would be relatively high (e.g. 7/2), as their chances of victory are lower than Boston’s. We can thus see how the difference in probabilities between two bets affects proposed odds values, as well as the impact of risk incurred by the bookmakers according to the stakes. This is because the hockey odds on which you place your money will impact the potential gains you stand to receive - using the formula Odds x Stake = Gains:

  • If I bet £10 on the victory of Boston, my potential gains will be: Odds 9/50 x £10 = £11.80
  • If I bet £10 on the victory of St Louis, my potential gains will be: Odds 7/2 x £10 = £45

As such you can see that a ‘safe bet’ on Boston will would yield a small sum (£1.80 net), while a riskier ber on the success of St Louis would bring in a huge sum in the event of a surprise result (£35 net). It is then up to you which betting strategy to adopt, based on both your own preferences and the Ice Hockey odds offered at online bookmakers.

Why do we compare Ice Hockey betting odds?

As we have just laid out, odds on Ice Hockey vary depending on the probabilities of the bet to which they are attached. It is then important to be aware - and this is the goal of our odds comparator - that the values of odds can vary amongst bookmakers, even for the same bet. Whether it is Bet365, 888sport, William Hill or any other site on the market, not all will offer the same odds value for the bet of your choice. As we now know that odds can determine the winnings you stand to earn, you can appreciate the value of placing your money with the bookmaker that offers the best odds. This we can prove, by taking the same example of the Bruins vs Blues game:

  • I place £200 on the Bruins to win, at odds of 9/50 at Bet365 = I can receive £236
  • I place £200 on the Bruins to win, at odds of 4/25 at 888sport = I can receive £232
  • I place £200 on the Bruins to win, at odds of 3/20 at William Hill = I can receive £230

We can see that for the same wager on the same bet on the same NHL game, a bet placed at Bet365 will earn £236 compared to the same bet placed at William Hill, which will earn £230. The £6 difference is not to be sneered at - over the course of the season these disparities can make up hundreds of pounds! Hence the importance of always comparing odds before betting on Ice Hockey - which is where our odds comparator comes in!

Hockey Odds: Advice from our Specialists

To finish up on this page dedicated to Hockey betting odds, be sure to remember the two fundamental aspects that we have discussed - always compare odds before betting, and place your wager on the bet that offers the best value. This will allow you to consistently secure the best possible winnings from your bets, and ensures that you don’t miss out when betting on the Ice Hockey match of your choice. From the NHL odds to international tournaments, our odds comparison offers you the best odds on the market for Ice Hockey - don’t hesitate to consult it regularly!

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