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La Liga Predictions

Betting on the Spanish La Liga is guaranteed fun when making your predictions. The Primera Division, is the first football division in Spain. Commonly known as La Liga by sports professionals and supporters, it brings together twenty teams that compete in return matches over a whole season, or 38 days. The team that finishes first in the standings becomes Spanish Champion, and goes directly to the group stage of the Champions League. Behind, the three teams that follow also qualify for the Champions League, while the 5th and 6th teams in the standings get their tickets for the Europa League. Many issues, not to mention the fight to stay out of the relegation zone at the end of the season. Indeed, the teams that finish in the last three places are relegated to the Spanish second division, the La Liga 2. In the end, there are so many interesting aspects in this championship of Spanish football, so do not be surprised to see La Liga predictions become some of your favourites in 2018-2019!

Beyond its purely sporting aspect, La Liga naturally appeals to the legendary clubs and the world-class players it is home to. Thus, it’s impossible not to mention Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Atletico Madrid, which are the clubs which football fans around the world dream of? Whether it is Lionel Messi on the Catalan side, men like Luka Modric for Real or Antoine Griezmann for Atletico, each club has players capable of shining every weekend. If you would like to bet on the La Liga, do not be shy, and have fun during your sports betting. Football and Spain, a real highlight for sports betting fans!

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Real Madrid La Liga

In your La Liga bets, try as much as you can to pick a potential winner! If the opposition seem trivial, it is the direct result of a statistic that is found very rarely in the other championships: the number of draws is quite low, having never exceeded the 25% mark over the last few years. Home wins are thus generally observed one in two, while away success can sometimes reach 30%! Another parameter to take into account: the number of goals. While clubs such as Real and Barça average between 3.5 and 4 goals per game, the overall average of the championship struggles to match it, including 50% of games with less than 2.5 goals scored, or one in two games, in the whole season 2017/2018. This is therefore an important paradox to take into account for your La Liga predictions: do not bet the same way for all the matches of the Spanish league. Not everyone has the quality of a Real or Barça.

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Then, it will also be necessary to know that the meetings between two strong clubs gives rise to more and more incredible performances. Far from the follies glimpsed in the early 2010s, the duels between Atlético and Real, between Atlético and Barça or the famous classicos, are less rich in goals than in the past. If we take into account only the last season, for example, only 33% of the meetings between the three big clubs of Spain had seen more than two goals, 2 out of 6 in total. Before betting on the shocks of the Spanish league, don’t panic and analyze the context of the meeting.

Finally, the last figure to take into account before betting on La Liga, know that in Spain more than elsewhere the formations are often dependent on their star players. If we count only the last season, they were for example 21 to have reached or exceeded the bar of the 10 goals scored in the league. A huge volume of course, which could well pay out big in your La Liga predictions. Indeed, the odds offered by sports betting sites are generally beautiful on this kind of market, so do not hesitate to place some bets on it.

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Atlético Madrid La Liga

As every year, La Liga edition 2018-2019 should ensure to be a show until the end of the season. Of course, the three behemoths that are Barça, Real and Atlético will again be the big contenders for the title, but other clubs such as Sevilla FC, Betis Sevilla, Valencia or Villarreal will also be interesting to follow over the weeks. Titled last year, FC Barcelona will of course favour in the predictions regarding the title of champion of Spain. While their rival Real Madrid will have lost their coach, Zidane, and their best player for ten years, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Catalan club could use the opportunity to continue to establish their dominance of the national football competition. If it was necessary to establish a forecast for the sacred team in May 2019, our experts would look first at the big Barça.

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