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LaLiga Betting Tips from our Experts


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Betting on the Spanish La Liga will always prove to be exciting for your football predictions. The Primera Division is the first football division in Spain, and is more commonly known as La Liga by sports professionals and supporters. Over the course of 38 matchdays, 20 of the best teams in Spanish football compete to finish first in the final standings and become champions of Spain. The four teams that finish at the top of the table qualify for the Champions League, while the 5th and 6th place finishers enter the Europa League at the group stage. 

There’s lots to consider with regards La Liga results at the end of the season, not to mention the relegation battle at the other end of the table. The teams that finish in the last three sports at the bottom of the table are relegated to the second division of Spanish football, Liga 123. There are so many different aspects of this Spanish football championship to follow and enjoy, so don’t be surprised if La Liga bets become one of your favourites during the 2019/20 season!

La Liga has a natural appeal to any football fan, largely due to the legendary clubs and star players involved in the league. How could we not mention Real Madrid, Barcelona or Atletico Madrid, the dream clubs of football fans from around the world. Whether it is the like of Lionel Messi for the Catalan side, Eden Hazard for Los Blancos or Joao Felix for Los Colchoneros - each club has world-class players capable of performing to the highest level every weekend. If you’re a fan of football betting don’t hesitate to have fun with your sports betting on La Liga - the competition is a real highlight for fans of the genre.

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For your La Liga bets, as often as possible try to select a potential match winner. While this advice may seem trivial, it comes directly from a statistic that is rarely seen in other football championships. The ratio of draws seen in the competition is quite low, and barely reached the 27% mark in the last edition of the league. Home victories are generally recorded (44%), while away wins occur often enough to make up 29% of all games (2018/19).

Another parameter to take into account is the number of goals. While clubs such as Real and Barca average 2 or 3 goals per game, the overall average of La Liga is quite low, with 53.2% of all games last season seeing under 2.5 goals - that’s over one in two games! This is important to consider for your La Liga predictions - don’t bet in the same way for all games of the Spanish football league. Not every team has players of the same quality as Messi and Hazard.

It will also be necessary to know that the games between the heavyweights provide less incredible performances as the years go on. Unlike the spectacular games we witnessed in the early 2010s like the Madrid derby and the famous El Clasico, less and less goals have been scored in these big fixtures in recent seasons. If we consider the last two seasons, only 33% of meetings between the three biggest Spanish clubs saw more than two goals - so before betting on a La Liga shock be sure to consider the context of the meeting.  

The last figure that you should take into account before betting on La Liga is that in Spain, perhaps more than in any other league, teams are often dependent on their star players - particularly their forwards. If we consider only the last season, like the one before, 21 players reached or exceeded the 10-goal mark. A huge volume of course, which could allow you to win big in your La Liga predictions. The odds offered by sports betting sites are generally quite high on the La Liga top goalscorer market, so don’t hesitate to try your hand for the 2019/20 season.

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After Barcelona were crowned the champions of the last edition of the competition, the playing field should be a bit more balanced this season. Between a reinforced Atletico Madrid and a renewed Real Madrid, the Catalans will not have an easy task of retaining their title. Even if they are the favorites to do so, beware of the competition facing Messi & co. - particularly coming from Zidane’s Real Madrid, who acquired Eden Hazard from Chelsea in the summer transfer window. At the end of the 2019/20 season, such big signings could no doubt be the difference. 


Winner: Barcelona were crowned the winners of the 2018/19 La Liga season, defending their 2018 title to win the top-tier Spanish football competition for the 26th time in the club’s history. This is Barcelona’s tenth La Liga win since 2005, with their dominance in the League rivaled only by the most decorated club in the history of the competition, Real Madrid.

European Football: Barcelona will be joined in next season’s edition of the Champions League by second-place Atlético Madrid, third-place Real Madrid and fourth-place Valencia. The fifth- and sixth-place finishers, Getafe and Sevilla, qualified for the 2019/20 season of the Europa League.

Relegated: At the other end of the table, the bottom three finishers - Girona, Huesca and Rayo Vallecano - were relegated from La Liga, and will join the Segunda Division next season.

Promoted: Osasuna and Granada achieved automatic promotion to La Liga for next season, having finished in the top-two of the Segunda Division. They will also be joined by the winner of the Promotion Playoffs.

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