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Championship Odds (Football - England)

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England - Championship

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What are Championship Football Odds?

Are you a fan of the Championship, and of sports betting, but you're not really sure about the many variables of online betting? First of all, it is important to know that odds are going to be essential elements of all your forays into the world of sports betting. These encrypted values, which are directly related to the probabilities of match outcomes in football, are also directly related to the events on which you place a Championship bet. For example, if you want to bet on the victory of Norwich over QPR, your money will be specifically placed on the odds offered on the bet 'Norwich to Win' (e.g. 9/5) - Easy.

What is crucial to remember is that these values of Championship odds will always be directly proportional to the probabilities of the events to which they are related. For example, if a team is widely preferred as the favourites to beat a low ranking club, the odds offered for their success will be quite low (e.g. 3/2), unlike those proposed on their opponent, which will be relatively high (e.g. 4/1). The more likely a bet is to be validated, the lower the odds offered by sports betting sites will be, and vice versa.

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Calculating the winnings of Championship Betting Odds: The Norwich - QPR example

To determine the potential winnings of a Championship bet, the formula will always be the same - Odds x Stake Bet = Potential Earnings. So by taking the above example of a fixture between Norwich and QPR, the winnings for a £10 stake bet would be as follows:

  • 'Norwich to Win': Odds 9/5 x £10 Stake Bet = £18 Potential Earnings
  • 'Draw': Odds 3/1 x £10 Stake Bet = £30 Potential Earnings
  • 'QPR to Win': Odds 6/1 x £10 Stake Bet = £60 Potential Earnings

As such, it is easy to understand that a bet on the victory of the Canaries is much more likely to be realised, but you will receive a smaller sum of potential winnings than in the event of a successful bet on QPR. It is then up to you to make a judgment on which avenue to pursue in your Championship betting strategy, be it on Championship Promotions odds or Championship Relegation odds.

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What are the benefits of comparing EFL Championship Odds?

From the moment that you include the value of odds in your calculation of potential gains, it is clear to see the interest of comparing odds in Championship football betting. As different sites on the UK market (Bet365, William Hill, Betway, etc.) can all propose different odds for the same bet on the same match, it makes sense financially to bet with the online bookmaker that offers the biggest return on your bet. By using the same example as we looked at earlier - which showed that the higher the odds are, the higher your potential earnings will be - we can clearly demonstrate this fact:

  • I bet £100 on Norwich to win, offered at 9/5 by Betway: 9/5 x £100 = £180 potential gains
  • I bet £100 on Norwich to win, offered at 17/10 by Bet365: 17/10 x £100 = £170 potential gains
  • I bet £100 on Norwich to win, offered by William Hill: 8/5 x £100 = £160 potential gains

For the same amount of risk-taking, on the same bet on the same match, I can earn £20 more in potential earnings by placing my bet with Betway rather than with William Hill, who offer much lower odds on the Canaries victory. As such, the interest of comparing EFL Championship odds is evident - over the course of a season you could see a difference of a few hundred pounds. A word of advice: Register with all the bookmakers on the market!

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When are Championship odds at their highest?

As we have seen Championship betting odds can vary amongst bookmakers, but it is important to note that they can also increase or decrease in value according to a number of time related factors before a match. For instance, the injury or suspension of a major player, or even a bad result in another national cup can all affect the odds offered on the match of your choice.

More specifically, in the match  we have discussed between Norwich and QPR, the odds of success for the Canaries will increase from 9/5 to 2/1 if one of their key players picks up an injury in training in the days leading up to the match. Without their star player, they will find it less easy to beat the Hoops, and as a result the odds offered on their victory will logically be raised by betting sites.

In this case, a reasonable question arises - if there a perfect time to bet on Championship odds? According to our experts, the answer is, unfortunately, no. As there are a vast number of variables that can affect the course of a game, it seems impossible to determine in advance the best time to place your sports bet. When undertaking a bet on the Championship, it would be sensible to work with your own feelings combined with the latest news regarding the two teams involved in your chosen match. At a push, we can only tell you that the earlier odds offered on the favourites of a chosen bet will potentially be higher, and can become devalued as the game approaches.

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How does our Odds Comparator work?

To help you find the best odds for your chosen bet quickly and with ease, we have developed an innovative tool entirely dedicated to comparing odds on the English Football Championship. As such, every day you will be able to find the best proposed odds for each match in the blink of an eye, rather than having to visit each of the sites in turn and risking the odds concerning you bet devaluing. This will not only save you valuable time in your sports betting endeavours, but also money, as you can be sure to always bet on the best EFL Championship odds on the market.                                                          

In finding the best Championship odds for a match of your choice, our technology is also simple - all the odds on the market are analysed live, and the best values are instantly highlighted in our comparative table. In the event of equal odds amongst two bookmakers, we always give priority to the site that offers the best overall services - welcome bonuses, design, the speed of the site and security are just some of the factors we take into account. With no doubts remaining, the best Championship betting odds are waiting for you.

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