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What are Tennis Odds?

Do you want to bet on tennis? To play your part in the biggest ATP and WTA tournaments? First and foremost you need to understand how bookmakers work, especially with regards the odds that they offer on every tennis match. So, what are tennis odds when it comes to sports betting?

First of all, it is important to know that odds are numerical values that are directly related to a chosen bet. For example, to bet on the success of Alexander Zverev against Jack Sock, it is crucial to place your money on the odds proposed for such a scenario, rather than those offered on the victory of the American player -Logic!

Next, you must also understand that the values of odds in tennis betting tips will always be directly related to the probability of a bet to be validated. Thus, if scenario is likely to come true in the world of tennis, the odds offered on such a tennis bet will be quite low. The opposite is also true: if an outcome is unlikely to occur, the proposed odds on the bet will be relatively high. Let's demonstrate this using the example of the match between Zverev and Sock.

In a meeting between the German prodigy, one of the current best players in the world, and his American opponent, who is regarded as less talented, the odds proposed for the victory of Zverev will be relatively low (e.g. 6/5), unlike the odds proposed for Sock's success which will be much higher (e.g. 4/1). Since the American is clearly less likely to win than Zverev, bookmakers will logically proposed a higher value of odds on such a bet. This bet would yield high potential earnings if it were to be validated, because these odds directly determine the potential winnings of a sports bet.

By using the traditional formula - Odds x Amount Bet = Winnings - you can actually determine in the blink of an eye how much you can win based on the odds offered on a potential bet. Let's look again at the example of the Zverev-Sock fixture:

  • If I bet £10 on a Zverev win, my possible winnings will be: odds of 6/5 X £10 = £12
  • If I bet £10 on a Sock win, my possible winnings will be: odds of 4/1 X £10 = £40

We can see that there would be much higher potential winnings if we were to place a successful bet on Sock, but such a result is unlikely to occur due to the talent gap between the two players. In this case it is up to you to decide whether to bet on the favourites, to slowly but surely increase the value of your pot without taking big risks, or to take a leap of faith and bet on the outsider, a risky business. The very basis of sports betting on tennis which can be applied to all tournaments in the world of tennis, such as when considering US Open odds or Wimbledon odds.

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Why compare Tennis Odds?

As we have mentioned, the value of odds will directly affect the potential winnings of a tennis bet. Therefore, it makes sense to bet on the odds with the best value, as the formula of calculation always remains the same (as shown above). Leading us to this important point - Always compare tennis odds before placing your bet.

As we're sure you are aware, several sports betting sites exist on the UK market nowadays. What you may not know however, if you are new to the sports betting world, is that these different bookmakers may offered different values of odds for the same tennis bet. Whether you place your bet with Bet365, William Hill or Betway, you will be able to find different odds values for the bet of your choice when online tennis betting - which is precisely why the benefit of odds comparison is evident, as we will now demonstrate:

  • I bet £100 on a victory of Zverev, whose rating is 13/10 on Bet365  = I can win £130
  • I bet £100 on a victory of Zverev, whose odd is 32/25 at William Hill = I can win £128
  • I bet £100 on a victory of Zverev, whose odd is 31/25 at Betway = I can win £124

For the same value of risk on the same tennis match, we can see that the winnings of a successful bet with Bet365 will yield £6 greater than an equivalent stake bet with Betway. The interest of comparing tennis odds is therefore evident, especially when considering that the best odds are not always offered by the same bookmaker.

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Variations in Tennis Betting Odds

As we have discussed, odds are numerical values which are determined by the bookmakers according to probabilities, and can differ in value amongst the various bookmakers. In knowing this, you already possess most of the important information to be included in your tennis betting strategy. However there is still one final parameter that we have yet to discuss - the variation in odds values of a single bookmaker based on time.

To take - for the final time - the example of a match between Zverev and Sock, we have seen that before the match, odds of 13/10 were proposed on victory for the German, and odds valued at 4/1 were proposed for the success of the American. It is important to be aware that depending on a number of different variables, these odds may increase or decrease.

Imagine for example, that rumours circulating about Zverev having a cold are still unconfirmed in the hours leading up to the match - the likelihood of the match favorite winning has been reduced as there is no guarantee that he will play to his usual level. The general opinion as such will be that the German will have more trouble beating Sock, and as such the odds offered on Zverev's victory will be increased by tennis betting sites (e.g. from 13/10 to 7/5), while the odds offered on the bet of 'Sock to Win' will decrease (e.g. from 4/1 to 7/2). A number of similar scenarios exist in each tournament, so it is important to keep up-to-date when comparing your tennis betting odds.

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