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What are NBA odds?

Are you passionate about the NBA and online sports betting, but the bookmakers environment is not yet completely familiar to you? No problem, as Wincomparator is here to enlighten you to this thrilling area of sports betting - the NBA Championship odds offered by sports betting sites. So, what exactly are odds, particularly those offered on NBA matches.

Odds are numerical values that are direct indicators of sports betting, and are found in specialist bookmakers. When you decide to place your money on one bet or another, it is actually on these odds that you are betting. Do you want to bet on the success of the Warriors over the Pelicans? Then it is on the bet 'Warriors to Win' that you will place your money. On the other hand, do you prefer to bet on the Pelican's victory? Easy, just place your money on the odds offered on the bet 'Pelicans to Win'. Couldn't be more simple.

What you must also understand is that the value of odds will always be directly related to the probability of a bet to be validated. As such, if as scenario is likely to occur during an NBA game, the odds offered on the bet will be quite low. Take the same example of a meeting between the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Pelicans. The proposed odds on the bet of 'Warriors to Win' will be relatively low (e.g. 6/5), while a wager on the success of the Pelicans will be much higher (e.g. 19/5). So always remember the link between the value of the odds and the estimated probabilities of a bet. The more likely a bet is to occur, the lower the odds offered on that bet will be, and vice versa.

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Calculating the winnings of NBA Betting Odds: The Warriors-Pelicans example

To estimate the potential winnings of your bet according to the NBA odds on which you intend to bet, for example NBA Finals odds, the formula used is always: Odds x Bet = Potential Winnings. So by taking the example of a match between the Warriors and the Pelicans, the potential winnings of  £10 bet would be estimated as follows:

  • 'Warriors to Win': Odds (6/5) x Bet (£10) = £12 Potential Winnings
  • 'Pelicans to Win': Odds (19/5) x Bet (£10) = £38 Potential Winnings

We see that the bet on the success of the Warriors is more likely to be realised, and as such the potential winnings are lower than those of a bet on the victory of the Pelicans. In this case, as always, it will be up to you to judge this information and choose what strategy to adopt - try the jackpot at a higher risk of a losing bet, or cover you back by targeting multiple smaller gains over time.

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Why is it useful to compare NBA odds?

From the moment that the value of NBA odds enters into the calculation of your potential winnings (as shown above), it is easy to see the interest of odds comparison before betting - the higher the odds on which you bet, the higher your potential earnings will be. Since it is not uncommon to find different values of odds for the same bet amongst the various bookmakers on the market, it makes sense to understand the comparison process, whether placing a bet on NBA games, or on MBA MVP odds. An example by calculation:

  • I bet £100 on the Warriors' odds, offered at 5/4 at Bet365: 5/4 x £100 = £125 of potential earnings
  • I bet £100 on the Warriors' odds, offered at 6/5 at William Hill: 6/5 x £100 = £120 of potential earnings
  • I bet £100 on the Warriors' odds, offered at 29/25 at Betway: 29/25 x £100 = £116 of potential earnings

For the same bet and the same risk of your wager, a bet placed with Bet365 will earn you £9 more than a gamble with Betway, proof of how useful odds comparison is to bettors. They might be small amounts now, but over the course of a season you'll surely notice a difference of a few hundred pounds!

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When are NBA odds at their highest?

As we have just mentioned, the value of odds may vary amongst sports betting sites for the same betting commitment. What you need to know now is that these odds can also increase and decrease amongst bookmakers depending on another variable - time.

Indeed there are a number of factors surrounding an NBA fixture that can have an influence on the final result at any time, and as such also directly influence the odds offered by sports betting sites. In the same example of the match between the Warriors and the Pelicans, imagine that two of Golden State's best players fall victim to injury before the match takes place. The Warriors have lost their main weapons, which would reduce their chances of success, and consequently raise the proposed odds offered for their victory (e.g. from 6/5 to 13/10). Other events, such as player suspension, a clash of teammates or even the dismissal of a coach can all impact the values of odds on a proposed NBA bet. As such the question inevitably arises - is there a perfect time to bet on NBA odds?

According to our sports betting experts, the answer is unfortunately negative. As we have seen, there are many events that can influence odds, and it would be very complicated to know in advance the most appropriate time to bet on this American Basketball Championship. In fact, it is by working with your pre-match feelings, for example by following the latest news or analysing the prognosis of the various NBA specialists, that you can decide for yourself the most appropriate time to place an NBA bet.

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How does our odds comparator work?

In order to offer you the best NBA  betting odds, live for every match of every franchise, Wincomparator has developed an innovative tool dedicated entirely to the comparison of odds on the American Basketball League. Every night, with just a few clicks, you will have access to all the bookmakers who offer the best odds for your proposed bet in one place, rather than manually having to compare each individual bookmaker. Our NBA odds comparison will save you valuable time for your match analysis, and above all money by immediately offering you the best potential winnings for your NBA bet.

To find the best odds on the matches of the National Basket Association of your choice, the technology used by our comparator could not be more simple - all market ratings are analyzed live, in order to highlight the most appealing odds for your kitty. No doubt about it, the best NBA odds are at your fingertips!

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