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Premier League Betting Tips from our Experts

Premier League Prediction 2022-2023

Premier League Prediction - Football


The Premier League is the top division in English football. Considered as one of the greatest European leagues for a long time, the Premier League includes not only legendary teams (Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City...), but also players with recognised talent and coaches among the best in the world (Guardiola, Klopp and Tuchel to name but a few). Betting on the Premier League is therefore a guarantee that you will be thrilled by the spectacle on the pitch, as well as your bets. It's not surprising that the Premier League prediction is one of the favourites among bettors so there is plenty to enjoy.

As for the way the championship works, it pits 20 teams against each other, each of which plays two matches in the first and second legs. At the end of the 380 matches of the season, the team that finishes first is crowned English football champions, and those that finish in the top four get their tickets to the Champions League. Behind them, the fifth-placed team gets its ticket to the Europa League, and the sixth-placed team to the Europa Conference League. At the bottom of the table, the bottom three are relegated to the second tier, known as the Championship. There is a lot at stake, which has led to a booming betting market of the Premier League in recent years. 

In fact, how can we not mention in detail the legendary teams that take part in the English Premier League? Whether it is the famous Manchester United, its rival Manchester City led by Pep Guardiola, Klopp's Liverpool and others, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham but also Newcastle, Everton, Wolverhampton, Leicester City and many others, each team that takes part in the tournament makes all football fans dream. If you like sports betting, quality football and crazy atmosphere in the stands, you definitely should not miss your chance on predicting the Premier League matches!

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Premier League prediction: Statistics to know

What you need to know before betting on the Premier League is that the competition is simply one of the most spectacular in the world. The Premier League is known for its aggressive attacking style and its array of stars. Last season, in terms of the statistics it provided, remains in the average of what the English league produces every year: more than 1000 goals scored over the whole season (1071), which is one of the highest volumes in Europe. So whatever Premier League match you want to bet on, it can be expected that there will be goals to be scored.

The trend is proven by the average number of goals in the last few seasons. With an average of 2.82 goals per game, the Premier League is indeed one of the most prolific leagues in Europe. By constantly reinforcing their attacking lines, English attacks are becoming increasingly qualitative and adjusting their aim in a rather disconcerting manner. It is therefore advisable to go for bets such as '+2.5 goals' when making your Premier League predictions for 2022-2023. Last year's top five finished the season with an average of almost 80 goals scored in 38 games. The icing on the cake, which once again demonstrates the league's attacking mentality, is that Manchester City found the net 99 times, for an average of 2.61 goals scored per game. Impressive, isn't it? 

Then, don't hesitate to take advantage of the Premier League odds to bet on the scorers. When you consider that some of the best strikers in the world play in the Premier League every year, the numbers are bound to be staggering. Last season, for example, eight of them reached the famous 15-goal mark. So in 2022-2023, look for more of these goalscorer bets when betting on the Premier League. They will always be a hit.

Finally, when making a Premier League prediction, also focus on home teams. When you consider that 43% of the games were won at home compared to only 34% away last season, you can see that the importance of the pitch is paramount in England. As for draws, that occurred in 23% of matches.This is the lowest average in the European Big 5 so remember that when betting on the Premier League. 

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Premier League Winner Prediction

The battle for the English Premier League title is shaping up to be a tough one this season. Between Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea, every point will be worth its weight in gold in the run-up to the May 2023 title. Other teams such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle will also have their say, but it is these three that are expected to be at the top of the table. With the bookmakers offering good odds in August 2022, there's no need to hesitate to place your bet.

The odds for the title

  • Manchester City, odds of 1.50
  • Liverpool, odds of 4.00
  • Tottenham, odds of 15.00
  • Chelsea, odds of 17.00
  • Arsenal, odds of 26.00
  • Manchester United, odds of 51.00
  • Newcastle, odds of 81.00
  • West Ham, odds of 201.00
  • Leicester, odds of 201.00
  • Brighton, rated 201.00
  • Aston Villa, odds of 251.00
  • Everton, rated 500.00
  • Wolverhampton, rated 500.00
  • Leeds, rated 500.00
  • Crystal Palace, rated 500.00
  • Southampton, rated 750.00
  • Brentford, rated 750.00
  • Fulham, rated 1000.00
  • Nottingham Forest, rated 1500.00
  • Bournemouth, rating of 2000.00

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