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The Premier League is the main English football championship. Considered the biggest European championship for a long time, the Premier League includes not only legendary teams (Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City ...), players with recognized talent and coaches among the best in the World (Guardiola, Mourinho to name a few). Bet on the Premier League, it's sure to cause a stir around your predictions. No wonder the Premier League prognosis is one of the favourites of the French bettor: everything is there to have fun! As for the running of the championship, the latter puts 20 teams in contention, each of which plays two home and away matches.

At the end of the 380 games of the season, the team that finishes first is crowned Premier League Champions, and those who place among the first four get their tickets for the big Champions League. Behind, the fifth finisher gets their ticket to the Europa League, while the last three descend into the second division, called the Championship. A lot at stake, which have increased the number of predictions on the Premier League in recent years. Finally, we can’t not mention in detail the legendary teams that take part in this Premier League? Whether it's José Mourinho’ Manchester United, their rivals Manchester City led by Pep Guardiola, Liverpool with Mohamed Salah and others, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham but also Newcastle, Everton and many others, each team that takes part in Tournament is dreaming, everyone in the Premier League is passionate about football. If you like sports betting, quality football and crazy atmospheres in the stands, it's towards a Premier League that you will have to turn to. Obviously!

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What you need to know before betting on the Premier League, is that the competition is simply one of the most spectacular in the world. Exceptional championship, the Premier League is indeed known for its football focused on the attack and its panel of football stars. The 2017/2018 season, in terms of the statistics it has provided, is still in the average of what the English league produces every year: more than 1000 goals scored throughout the season (1018), one of the highest numbers in Europe. Whatever Premier League game you want to bet on, you won’t have to wait long for goals. A trend of course confirmed with the average goals in recent seasons. With an average of 2.60 goals per game, the Premier League is indeed one of the most prolific leagues in Europe. By constantly reinforcing their offensive lines. It may be a good idea to look to bets like "+2.5 goals" in your Premier League predictions. Striking example, last year the top 6 teams of the Premier League concluded their seasons with an average of 78 goals scored in 38 days.

The icing on the cake, which once again demonstrates the offensive mentality of the Premier League, Manchester City had found the the net 106 times, an accolade in itself. Awesome, no? Then do not hesitate to bet on scorers in the Premier League. When we know that some of the best strikers on the planet meet every year in this league, they can only reach staggering numbers. During the last exercise, an attacker unveiled to the eyes of the world, Mohamed Salah. The Reds player gave us a great season by surpassing 30 goals (32 more precisely). Auspicious for this year 2018-2019, inevitably. In his company, we will also find men such as Kane, Aguero, Lukaku or Lacazette. If you are out of inspiration when predicting on the Premier League, take a look at the odds offered on the scorers. Finally, also favour teams that play at home when you place a bet on the Premier League. We know that 45.5% of the meetings were won at home against only 28.4% away last season, we see that the importance of the venue is paramount in England. The fervor of fans growing behind their heart club is therefore a factor to consider when betting on an English team.

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In a season that should be rich in spectacle and suspense, the Premier League should once again reserve a fierce battle between all the kingdom's leaders. Whether it's the two Manchester clubs, the London clubs or the mythical Liverpool, each team will have its chance at the end for the title, and the qualifying tickets for the next European competitions. If it were necessary to name a favourite, it’s impossible not to mention Manchester City with the likes of Kévin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus and Ederson.

The defending champions of England, Skyblues are justifiably favourites for their own succession, although their competition should not be underestimated. For example, Klopp's Liverpool should still be dangerous for every opposing team, as they have strengthened in the last transfer window and have impressive offensive players at their disposal. Manchester United, who also has quality men, Arsenal, who have Emery, Tottenham will also be an important club for the title race. Do not forget also Chelsea with de Sarri, which should pose very effective this 2018-2019 Premier League edition. 

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