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Rugby World Cup Odds (Rugby - World)

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World - Rugby World Cup

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What are Rugby World Cup odds?

For rugby fans looking to make some betting profits from the 2023 Rugby World Cup, you will learn a lot  from this page. Here, you will find complete information about the 2023 Rugby World Cup odds that are available at online betting sites. After reading this page, you will have all the keys in hand to take advantage of these odds to maximise your winnings in sports betting.

To begin with, it is crucial to understand the concept of odds at a bookmaker. These odds are numerical values that determine not only the bettor's potential winnings, but also the probability of a particular outcome. Sports betting sites determine the odds on an event based on the chances of it happening.  Higher odds mean a lower probability of winning, while lower odds indicate a higher probability of success. The higher the odds, the greater the winnings for the bettor in the event of success. To help you understand this concept, let's take the example of a lopsided duel between England and Argentina. 

In this match, where the English sides are favourites to win, the odds offered for the "England win" bet will be quite low, given that they are the favourites in this match (e.g. 1.65), whereas the odds offered for the "Argentina win" bet will be higher, due to their status as outsiders (e.g. 2.35). So you can understand that the favourite will very often have lower odds than the underdog in a World Rugby match. As the odds represent the probability of victory, the difference in odds is explained by the different chances of victory between the two teams. Finally, you can bet on a draw in a rugby match, which will always be at very high odds, given the small chance of this result going ahead after 80 minutes. The odds for a draw in rugby are very often above 20.00. They do happen though.

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Rugby World Cup 2023 odds and potential winnings (sports betting)

As we have seen in detail in the previous paragraph, the odds reflect the probabilities of an event taking place on a match or on a sports competition. Here we are talking about Rugby World Cup odds. As mentioned before, the odds have another use, as they allow bettors to know their potential winnings. How do you calculate them? It is very simple. Just use the following formula: Odds x Stake = Win. By applying this calculation, you will know exactly how much you can pocket if your bet is successful. Note that these winnings are gross, and you have to subtract your base bet to get your net winnings. Let's take another example to illustrate this, with a match between New Zealand and England, with a bet of £100. Remember to only bet what you can afford to lose.

  • For a New Zealand win: Odds of 1.45 x £100 stake = £145 return (£45 profit plus your £100 stake returned.
  • For a New Zealand draw: Odds of 20.00 x £100 stake = £2000 return
  • For an England win: Odds of 3.60 x £100 stake = £360 return.

The potential winnings from a bet therefore vary according to the value of the odds. If you bet on high odds, you could win more, while the potential winnings will be less if you bet on lower odds. Be careful not to jump on the big odds that promise high payouts without analysis, as your bets on such odds will rarely win, like betting on a draw in rugby. It's up to you to find the right balance between the level of risk in your bet and the potential winnings you could achieve. There is a formula to help you determine this balance.

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Rugby World Cup Estimated Odds and Odds

You have understood how the Rugby World Cup odds work but you don't really know what odds to bet on? We will help you with another calculation. Using the formula odds = (1/quote) x 100, you will get the bookmaker's estimate on a bet. It will then be easier for you to know if an odds is worth playing or not. Let's go back to our example between New Zealand and England, where the All-Blacks are given as favourites by the betting sites. Let's imagine that the New Zealand captain and two other senior players are absent for this match, while the English have a full squad to choose from.. In this situation, you can understand that the match looks much more balanced than expected. The odds offered by the bookmaker for the "England win the match" bet are 3.60.

  • (1/3.60) x 100 = 28. According to the bookmaker, England have only a 28% chance of winning against New Zealand.

Do you realise, after analysing the match thoroughly, that this percentage is much lower than your estimate? Then no doubt, you should place a bet on the English! The odds should be higher in your opinion, and the potential gains from your bet are well worth the risk. In the long run, that's how you'll make the difference with the bookmakers.

If the odds for an England win were 3.2, then the bet might not have been worth taking. You now realise the major importance of odds in sports betting, and in particular on the Rugby World Cup 2023.

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Why compare 2023 Rugby World Cup odds?

Once you try to compare the odds for your sports betting, you won't be able to stop doing it, because you will notice a nice difference in your winnings. The higher the odds, the higher your winnings, so why not take the best odds in the market for the same bet? The risks are the same but your potential winnings are higher, so don't make the mistake of taking odds on a random site. Here is an example that should show you at a glance the importance of comparing odds: 

  • I bet £100 on England v New Zealand, at odds of 3.60 at Bwin - The return will be £360.
  • I bet £100 on England v New Zealand, at odds of 3.50 at Betfair - The return is  £350
  • I bet £100 on England v New Zealand, at odds of 3.35 at Vbet -  The return will be £335

You can see that placing your beat at Bwin will produce the highest return from your bet on England to beat New Zealand.

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How does our Rugby World Cup odds comparator work?

On the occasion of the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, Wincomparator offers you a powerful tool to place your bets at best: our Rugby World Cup odds comparator. No need to browse several betting sites to find the best odds, because our tool instantly presents all the values proposed by the online bookmakers.

Our odds comparator provides the most important information you need to maximise your potential winnings. It constantly updates the values offered by the bookmakers in real time and highlights the best one for you at that moment. Comparing the odds is crucial for a big competition like the Rugby World Cup as you could see a difference of tens of euros between bets made with the help of the comparator and bets made without. By choosing the bookmaker with the best odds, you ensure maximum profitability and optimise your winnings. The best way to win extra euros easily in sports betting.

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Rugby World Cup win odds: bet on the future winner of the competition

As well as offering bets on the 2023 Rugby World Cup matches, bookmakers also allow you to bet on the team that will win the title, as well as alternative bets such as the winners of each pool. These types of bets can be very interesting for punters. The World Cup winner odds are usually high, so there are some good bets to be had. You can even try betting on more than one nation, as you could be a winner if any of the teams were to win the competition. Take a look:

  • I bet £100 on France winning (3.75) - The return will be £375
  • I bet £100 on Ireland winning the title (5.00) - A £500 return is possible
  • I bet £100 on England winning the title (10.00) - The return will be £1000

There are some good odds here. A total of £300 is staked and if either of the sides win the title, a profit can be made. It’d be at least £75 and as high as £700.Every year there is plenty to do in the long term betting on the winner of the World Cup. It's up to you to find the most interesting ones, with the right strategy to match.

Check out the odds on Rugby World Cup

Wincomparator's advice: sign up with as many bookmakers as possible for the 2023 Rugby World Cup!

That's it, you are now a real expert on Rugby World Cup odds! Last advice for the road, create an account with as many bookmakers as possible. Our comparator helps you to find the best odds, but what's the use if you don't have a player account with the site that offers it? You now understand the interest of accumulating accounts with bookmakers to be able to always take the best odds, allowing you to optimise your earnings and increase your bankroll. In addition, these sites offer a welcome bonus to their new players, which allows you to start your adventure with the bookmaker without risk! With all these tips, you are ready to succeed in your Rugby World Cup predictions. Don't hesitate to consult our Rugby World Cup Livescores section. It will allow you to live the oval competition to the full!

Check out the odds on Rugby World Cup

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