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AFCON Odds (Football - Africa)

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Africa - AFCON

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What are the AFCON Odds?

The 2022 (2021) Africa Cup of Nations is one of the tournaments not to be missed and will be given extensive coverage by online bookmakers. What if you wish to bet on the AFCON, but you are not really an expert on sports betting sites?  Are the whole concept of odds and bets are unfamiliar to you?  Don't worry because you are in the right place. On this page, we detail everything you need to know about the odds offered for the AFCON 2021. You will that it is not a complicated matter, then you will have no problem betting on this tournament..

To begin, we will first define what  the AFCON odds are, which we will find at all bookmakers during the entire tournament. The odds are represented by a number that is directly related to sports betting, and that will be of paramount importance to you, since it will be it that will determine the value of each market (or bet). For example, if you want to bet on a success of the Algerian team against Ivory Coast, you will bet your  money on the odds of the bet "Algeria to Win", which will be for example worth 1.90.

The odds that are offered throughout the AFCON tournament will vary. They can be as low as 1.01 (especially in live betting) or much higher, for example 7.00.  To summarize,the higher the odds, the less chance of it being a winner. The lower the odds, the more chance it is beieved by the bookmakers that the bet will be a winning one. Be careful, note that there is never a guaranteed success. But let's take the example of the group match between Senegal and Guinea to illustrate our point.

In this match, where Senegal are the favourites to win (they reached the AFCON 2019 final), the odds given will below, say 1.50. The odds on a win for Guinea will be possibly 6.0 as the bookmakers are prepared to offer higher odds, believing that Guinea will lose.

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AFCON Odds and Potential Winnings

It is good for you to know a bit more about odds and probabilities. The odds that you are offered for 2022 AFCON will determine how much you can win. Usin the formula  Odds x Bet = Winnings, you can easily determine  the amount you will win if your bet is a successful one. This will also allow you to evaluate the interest or not of placing your bet with a bookmaker. Let's take the example of the Senegal-Guinea match using the formula stated,with a bet of €20 (or currency equivalent).

  • For a victory of Senegal: Odds of 1.50 x Bet of €20 =  €10 winnings, so a return of €30 - stake plus winnings.
  • For a victory of Guinea: Odds of 6.00 x Bet of €20 = 120€ winnings if they win the match, so a return of €140 - stake plus winnings.

It may be that you are using a free bet given to you via a welcome offer or other promotion. In this case, the stake is not likely to be returned. If that was used on Senegal, you would simply receive €10 which is the winning amount.

The odds therefore influence your likely win and, as said above, the probability of winning your bet. The higher the odds, the higher your potential winnings will be, but the less likely your bet will be a winner. It will be up to you alone to judge if the risks will be worth it to be taken on each match of the AFCON. Always bet responsibly.

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Why is it useful to compare the odds for AFCON 2022 (2021)?

The value of the odds offered will therefore directly influence the amount of your potential win during each of your bets on the AFCON. It will therefore be necessary to bet on the best odds available on the market, since the higher it will be, the higher your potential winnings will be. Remember though, the higher the odds, the less chance of you winning. Note that different sports betting sites offer different odds values for an identical bet. It is therefore very important to compare the odds before making your bet. Let's take the example of Senegal-Guinea,and imagine that:

  • You bet €10 on a victory of Senegal,at the odds of 1.50 at Bet365: 1.50 x €10 = a possible return of €15 if it is a winner.
  • You bet €10 on a victory of Senegal,at the odds of 1.48 at 1xbet 1.48 x €.10 = €.14,80 being returned if the bet wins.
  • You bet €10 on a Victory of Senegal,at the odds of 1.47 at Marathonbet: 1.47 x €10 = €14.70 return if your bet is successful.

You can see therefore that there are different odds offered by each bookmaker. If you bet was placed with Bet365, that would see the best return if your bet is a winning one. It won't always be that way and it might be that one bookmaker has a special promotion on a game and offers better odds. The additional winnings in this example are only €0.30 but in the long term that can add up to a decent amount, Using our odds comparator for AFCON games can help maximise your winnings

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How does our odds comparator work on the AFCON?

In order to compare the AFCON odds of each bookmaker and so that you know which one is the highest and will allow you to pocket the best winnings during the 2022 AFCON, the Wincomparator team has developed a powerful tool, 100% dedicated to the competition: a bookmaker odds comparator on the football CAN.

January 9  sees the start of the group stages and until the grand final on February 6, 2022, you will have the opportunity, in just a few clicks, to find the best odds offered on the market for each game. Thus, you will know which bookmaker offers the best odds on each match and each type of bet,and therefore which one potentially offers you the best possible winnings. In addition to offering you the best potential gain, this odds comparator will save you a lot of time, avoiding you having to go to each site to compare the odds . Sometimes every second counts for your bets!

In order to determine the best odds on each match of the AFCON, we use a very simple technology to create our table. All the sites of the bookmakers and each of the odds offered are analyzed in real time and live, and the highest odds for a given bet is the one displayed. By using our odds comparator on the AFCON, you are therefore guaranteed to maximize your winnings throughout the competition. What more could you ask for?

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Wincomparator's advice: Open Several Accounts Before the AFCON!

As you will have seen from the previous section, different bookmakers offer different prices on events. It is therefore important for you to register accounts with more than one online bookmaker. The first advantage is that you will receive several welcome offers. The second is that you will have access to all the odds offered by the different bookmakers. One site may offer the best odds for one game but another for the next one. Unless you register, you can't take advantage of this situation. Read our bookmaker pages to see which are the best to join.

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