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AFCON Odds (Football - Africa)

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Africa - AFCON

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What are the AFCON odds?

The African Cup of Nations 2024 is one of the tournaments that will be hugely popular with online bookmakers. Would you like to bet on the African Cup of Nations, but you're not really an expert on sports betting sites? Are you unfamiliar with the concepts of odds and stakes? Then you've come to the right place. On this page, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the odds for the 2024 African Cup of Nations. As you'll see, there's nothing too complicated here - everything you need to know about African football.

First of all, let's define what these AFCON odds are, which will be found at all bookmakers throughout the tournament. The odds are a number that is directly linked to sports betting, and which will be of vital importance to you, as it will determine the value of each market (or bet). For example, if you want to bet on the Algerian team's success against Ghana, you would put your own money on the odds of the "Algeria win" bet, which would be 1.90, for example.

You should also be aware that the odds you will find throughout the AFCON will generally vary from 1.01 to 30.00, depending on the probabilities. To sum up, the higher the odds, the less likely it is that your bet will win. And, of course, on the other hand, the lower the odds and the closer to 1.01 a bet is, the more likely it is to win. Please note that success is never guaranteed. But let's take the example of the group match between Senegal and Guinea to illustrate our point.

In this match, where Senegal are overwhelming favourites on paper, the odds on the "Senegal win" bet will logically be lower (e.g. 1.50) than those on the "Guinea win" bet (e.g. 6.00). This difference can be explained by a difference in probabilities, with Senegal having a much better chance of winning than Guinea, at least on paper.

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AFCON Odds and Potential Winnings

Now that you are a little more familiar with the odds and probabilities, it is important to know that these odds will determine the value of your potential winnings from each AFCON sports bet. By using the formula Odds x Stakes = Winnings, you can easily determine to the nearest cent the amount you will pocket in the event of a winning bet. This will also enable you to assess whether or not it is worth placing your bet with a bookmaker. Let's take the example of the Senegal-Guinea match again, using the formula set out above, with a stake of £20.

  • For a Senegal victory: odds of 1.50 x stake of £20 =  a potential return of £30 - £10 winnings plus your stake back.
  • For a Guinea win: Odds of 6.00 x £20 stake = €120 potential return if your bet wins - £100 win plus £20 stake returned.

We can therefore see that the potential winnings for the two bets are not identical, even if you bet the same amount. The odds therefore influence your likely winnings and, as mentioned above, the probability of winning your bet. The higher the odds, the higher your potential winnings, but the less likely your bet is to go through. At this stage, it's up to you to judge whether the risks are worth taking on each AFCON match - you can follow them all with our AFCON live scores page.

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Why is it useful to compare AFCON 2023 (2024) odds?

The value of the odds will directly influence the amount of your potential winnings for each of your AFCON bets. You should therefore bet on the best odds available on the market, as the higher they are, the higher your potential winnings will be. Note that different sports betting sites offer different odds for the same bet. It is therefore very important to compare the odds before making your bet. Let's take the Senegal-Guinea example again:

  • You bet £10 on a Senegal victory, at odds of 1.50 at bet365: 1.50 x £10 =  a potential return of £15.
  • You bet £10 on a Senegal win, at odds of 1.48 at Unibet : 1.48 x £10 = a potential return of £14.80.
  • You bet £10 on a Senegal victory, at odds of 1.47 at Vbet : 1.47 x £10 = a potential return of £14.70.

So you can see that, even if you bet the same amount on the same bet, your potential winnings will vary from one bookmaker to another depending on the odds offered. Here, for example, there is a difference of £0.30 in winnings between the best odds (bet365) and the worst (Vbet). That may seem small, but imagine your losses over the longer term! To be sure of maximising your winnings, there's only one thing left to do: use our AFCON 2023 (2024) odds comparator. Dozens of pounds are at stake in the long run.

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How does our odds comparator work on the AFCON?

In order to compare the AFCON odds of each bookmaker and so that you know which one is the highest and will allow you to pocket the best winnings during the AFCON 2023 (2024), the Wincomparator team has developed a high-performance tool, 100% dedicated to the competition: an AFCON football bookmaker odds comparator.

From 13 January, with the start of the group stages, to the grand final on 11 February 2024, you will have the opportunity, in just a few clicks, to find the best odds available on the French market. This way, you'll know which bookmaker offers the best odds for each match and each type of bet, and therefore which one potentially offers you the best possible winnings. As well as offering you the best potential winnings, this odds comparator will save you a huge amount of time, as you won't have to go to every site to compare the odds. Sometimes, every second counts for your bets!

In order to determine the best odds on each AFCON match, we use very simple technology to create our table. All the bookmakers' sites and each of the proposed odds are analysed in real time and live, and the highest odds for a given bet are displayed. By using our AFCON odds comparator, you are guaranteed to maximise your winnings throughout the competition. What more could you ask for?

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Wincomparator's tip: open several accounts before the African Cup of Nations!

To conclude this page on the African Cup of Nations odds, we have one last bit of advice to offer you. To make sure you're betting on the best odds on the market, we strongly recommend that you sign up with as many bookmakers as possible on the UK market. There's no point in knowing the best odds if you can't take advantage of them because you're only registered with one or two bookmaker(s). What's more, you'll also be able to take advantage of the many attractive welcome offers offered by each bookmaker when you sign up. So don't wait and take advantage of the AFCON to open several accounts. The best odds for your AFCON prediction are already waiting for you!

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