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    How to bet on Volleyball

    Volleyball is a little mediatised sport. Nevertheless it is considered a valuable sport to bet on. A good analysis of a match is necessary to win on your online betting. Wincomparator offers you the keys to bet well on Volleyball.


    Volleyball is not heavily mediatised, so it calls for betting on the English leagues (practical to find information) and the big international competitions.

     National Volleyball League (NVL): The premier division in the NVL is the Super 8s. There are both men's and women's. Make both these your priority.

     Champions League: Like in most sports Volleyball has its own Champions League. Bet on this competition, it is suggested to have good knowledge of all the teams participating.

     European Championships and World Cup: These international competitions offer a nice alternative on Volleyball betting. In effect it is normally the same teams that can be found in the finals each year.  For example France won both the World Cup in 2015 and the European Championships.

    Key Factors

    Volleyball leaves little place for making mistakes and is incredibly collective. Before putting money down consider these points before putting money down:

     Team collectiveness: The most important factor. In Volleyball individuality is less pronounced than in other sports. The absence of one or two key players may not change as much as it does in Basketball or Handball and thus will not change too much in terms of betting tips.

     Ranking: Like in all sports, rankings are the best indicator of a team's level at any given time. It gives the best indication of a team's form.

     Where a match is held: As in Basketball and Handball, Volleyball is veld on closes arenas. Best for the home teams. The ambiance inside the echoing hall can itself change the balance of a game.

     The Calendar: In Volleyball as in a lot of other sports, coaches will substitute and replace their best players depending on matches coming up. It is therefore essential to know the calendar of each team and to note if certain players will or will not be playing in future matches and competitions.

     Motivation: Finally it is necessary to see if the match in question is important in the title race. In a match with something to play for. These matches will bring up some of the best performances from teams.