League Cup 2017/18

The League Cup is known as English Football’s third biggest trophy to win after that of the Premier League and the FA Cup. Founded in the 1960/61 season, the competition in modern times has become recognised as the competition in which manager’s play their younger players to show what they are capable of. As a consequence players like Cesc Fabregas, John Terry, Jermain Defoe and David Beckham have made their professional debuts in the tournament.  With just 92 clubs (unlike the 758 that compete in the FA Cup) from the Premier League and Football League competing to reach the Final in Spring, the League Cup is a popular tournament to bet on and Wincomparator can help your betting as you may compare the best odds from the biggest bookmakers and use our live streaming service for up-to-the-second live data from the games.

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Principally a team’s ranking is going to decide who is favourite to win a match in the League Cup. It highlights the general level at which a team plays compared to their opponent. The odds will always be on the side of Premier League teams. The top teams do have to be wary of being ‘giant-killed’. That is to say being eliminated by a lesser ranked team. In cup competitions such as this one or the FA Cup they occur from time-to-time, making for interesting odds and betting, especially in the later rounds of the competition. 

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Home and Away

In most sports this has a big effect. With a crowd behind a team they can become extremely motivated. Without that home crowd ambiance the away team can miss that extra motivation from crowd songs, chants and general goodwill. In addition to that the away team is the side obliged to travel. This can sometimes have a negative effect on players who must travel, sometimes for long hours. There is nothing like home comforts, ones they do not have access to whilst on the road and they are evidently not able to use their own training ground or stadium facilities like they are used to. All can have either a negative impact or players can mentally block these distractions. 

Physical State

The League Cup is another fixture that coaches must gear their squads up for. Players can suffer from fatigue particularly during the Winter period when the FA Cup begins.  If a team has played two games within a week it is safe to say there will probably be changes if a League Cup fixture is the next match a coach must strategise for.  


In relation to the last point on physical state, the League Cup has become an excellent opportunity for young players in squads to play and present themselves on a bigger stage than youth or reserve fixtures. Terry, Fabregas, Defoe and Beckham all made their debuts in the competition whilst Rooney scored his first professional competitive goal in a League Cup fixture. Thus if some of the senior squad are suffering from injuries or fatigue, or if a manager wishes to rotate his 1st team to avoid the such things from occurring, he will be willing to play youth players. This can have an effect on the game. For instance a big team playing their youth players will give themselves less of a chance of winning against a lower ranked team that have their best players out on the pitch.

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