Do we really earn money with sport betting?

    Of course we don't guarantee that you are going to win astronomical amounts. But unlike casinos, sport bets are games that we'll qualify as « semi-chance » and it is in the « sports knowledge » where a bettor's potential earnings are determined. Besides, most of the recurrent bettors who make a profit are sports bettors.

    Rule no.1 : If you believe in veterans experience, a veteran bettors will tell you that it's on the number of bets, more than on the odds that we have to rely, to make a profit. Indeed, even the best predictors have rarely a success over 60%, being the reasonable average between 55% and 57%. This percentage indicates well that the bettor may make a profit thanks to the number of bets.
    If he'll bet on around 5 matches per day, that is around 1800 matches per year, he can expect, with odds of 1.91 for each team (standard odds for bets on American sports with a handicap for one team), an annual profit of 90 units ! Using a reasonable baseline of 1% of his initial capital, the bettor will have, at the end of the year, almost multiplied his capital by two ! So you can imagine all the possibilities with more precise financial management.
    Moreover, the risk of financial loss with a baseline of 1% of your capital (even 0.5% if you look for more security) satys weak if you have some skills in forecasting (see our section of bettor tricks / quick management methods for your capital for beginners).

    Rule no.2 : In the lotto, either you win nothing at all, or you become millionaire in one go (but of course it's very very rare). The rules are totally different regarding sports betting. It's more of a long-term « investment ».