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Live Euro Football Championship Results 

Follow the Euro live on our totally dedicated Livescore service! Every day during the competition, you’ll receive all the Euro 2020 results in real time on this page, for maximum enjoyment of this year’s top football tournament. How will England, France, Belgium and Spain perform? You’ll find out in the blink of an eye on our Euro Livescore service. Get ready to discover every single result in the 16th edition of the European Nations’ Cup.

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The all-live Euro 2020!

From 12 June to 12 July 2020, you can follow the Euro football tournament from start to finish on Far removed from expensive TV subscriptions, illegal streaming or fee-based score-tracking services, we can post every Euro result for you live on our website, accompanied by a wealth of information.

In addition to live scores and, of course, comments on every match, you will also have access to useful statistics for your sports bets on this Euro, plus the key facts & figures and the best odds for online betting. Offering a much more comprehensive service than the other live results offerings, our 100% Euro 2020 Livescore service will therefore be the single best way to ensure that you don’t miss ANYTHING in this UEFA tournament.

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Euro – each match LIVE

Every day, from the absorbing group stage through to the big clashes to come in the knock-out phases (last 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, final), you’ll be able to follow all the Euro scores live... and all in a 100%-free and user-friendly format. It’s quite simple: you won’t find anything better anywhere else!

As you can see above, all the results will be clearly posted in real time, allowing you not only to bet if you should  feel like it, but also to keep track of your favourite team and players.

By clicking our Fixture List icon, you can also access all the Euro results since the start of the competition, and the fixtures to come over the next few days. How has Italy performed? Who will Germany play in their next match? Who scored in the Netherlands’ first match? You’ll find the answers to all these questions in our service dedicated to live Euro matches.

What’s available on the Euro 2020 Results page?

As you’ll see from match to match, you’ll be able to access several services in our Euro 2020 Livescore service. Here is the main information available at your fingertips:


  • Results of each Euro match
  • Group rankings
  • Fixture list
  • Each nation’s current record
  • Results of the most recent head-to-heads
  • Referees of all the Euro 2020 matches
  • Live scores of each match
  • Team compositions
  • Live comments
  • Detailed statistics (goals, possession, chances, free kicks and penalties, etc.)
  • Best odds for your Euro betting

We offer you a totally comprehensive and varied service, accessible at any time of the day. No matter where you are and what device you use, you’ll know the Euro Football Championship inside out!

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Why is it useful to follow the Euro 2020 results live?

In addition to not missing anything that happens in the competition, and therefore quenching your thirst for football, you should know that following Euro matches in real time will significantly improve your sports betting, as our Livescore service will enhance your overall knowledge.

By following the results of the tournament, you’ll discover the tactics used by the different teams (useful for over/under betting), each nation’s performance in both penalty areas, the players’ form (useful for betting on goal scorers), the collective form (useful for 1N2 bets), and each nation’s ability to equalize after conceding a goal...

A wide range of valuable information that should enable you to consistently place reliable bets on this Euro Championship held in stadiums throughout Europe. Make no mistake: our Euro 2020 results page will be your ticket to a sizzling summer. To be consulted without any moderation!

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