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NHL Betting Tips from our Experts

How to create an NHL Prediction


NHL Predictions

Are you passionate about hockey, and are looking for advice or help for your NHL predictions? Don't move - you've come to the right place! Every week, Wincomparator's team of experts offers you its analyses and forecasts on the American Ice Hockey Championship. From the Penguins to the Kings, the Blackhawks to the Bruins - each franchise of the National Hockey League is closely followed and meticulously analysed to offer you predictions that are as close as possible to the reality on the field.

Whether taking account of the statistical side or the more human aspect, several factors are analysed by our specialists to offer the best NHL Betting Tips in terms of sports analysis. As such, the rankings are taken into account - including the most recent results of the two teams, the form of the key players of each team and the psychological context of the game. By proceeding in this way, it allows you to access complete and detailed predictions of all the best matches of the most renowned hockey competition in the world. Achieving NHL game predictions has never been easier!

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Why do we offer Free NHL Predictions?

Vegas Golden Knights NHL

As we are sure you have seen, every NHL prediction we offer on Wincomparator is completely free. By offering each of our analyses for no cost, our experts can share their passion and know-how, and above all create a certain craze surrounding the competition. In any case, what would be the point for us in spending our time analysing all the championship matches if there is no one to consult them? Essentially, it would be pointless - which is why our NHL Betting Tips are, and always will be, totally free to access.

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How to make NHL Game Predictions like the experts

Washington Capitals NHL

As the world of NHL is constantly changing, with a constant stream of updates on each match of the championship, it may be the case that our team of specialists is not be able to cover every match in their analyses. If this is the case for the match of your choice, do not panic - you need only consider the following factors in creating your own prediction to make the most of your NHL bet.

1.    Take into account the form of both sides

The first factor to take into account to create a successful NHL prediction is the recent form of both teams. Have they just lost several of their most recent games? Have they made a habit of winning at home lately? Have then performed well in recent away fixtures? All of these questions must be studied in order to have a correct opinion on the potential result of the match.

2.    Analyse the stats of each team's key players

Beyond the form of the team as a whole, be sure to take account of the recent performances put in by the star players on either side of the rink. Indeed it is often the performances of these players that impact the outcome of each match week in and week out. In the past, for example, a fit Wayne Gretzky was a guarantee of success for the Oilers. For a successful prediction on an NHL meeting, be sure to check out the stats of the key players - if one of the team's strongest members has scored 5 goals in 2 games, it would favour the success of that team (and vice versa).

3.    Take account of the venue of the game

Third of all, do not forget to include the rink on which the NHL game of your choice will be held. In hockey, as it the case with many sports, a familiar rink and the support of a home crowd will often be a significant advantage for the home team. When we consider that more than 6 games out of 10 result in the victory of the home team, the importance of this factor can be easily understood. Always take this into account, especially for your NHL Playoff Predictions, as it will often be a crucial factor.

4.    Understand the psychology behind the match

The fourth essential factor used to determine the best possible NHL predictions is the psychological context of the encounter. In top-level sports, particularly for a discipline as intensive as Ice Hockey, a number of psychological factors will have an influence on the final result of the match. For example, if a side has been humiliated in a recent duel, they will do anything to regain their pride in an upcoming match. Another example is a side that continually wins in past encounters of a game. This team will certainly have an emotional advantage, while the opposing teal may suffer from an inferiority complex. Once again, there are many influential variables that can arise from this factor.

5.    Determine an acceptable odds rating for your NHL Predictions

To conclude with a fifth point, always remember to determine for yourself the odds that you would deem to be acceptable for the NHL prediction of your choice. This will indicate whether or not a bet associated with this prediction is worth trying, by showing you whether or not the potential risk-reward relationship is in your favour. For example, what if you estimate that your prediction is worth an odds value of around 9/5, but the bookmakers are only offering odds of 3/2? You will then have to ask yourself if this bet is indeed interesting to you, and as such whether or not you should wager your money.

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Whether you are an experienced NHL betting enthusiast, or a beginner in the world of Ice Hockey wagers, do not hesitate to check out our predictions page every day, which should help you to make reliable prediction on the American Hockey League. The analyses of our team have proven themselves time and time again - so be it for NHL Game Predictions or NHL Season Predictions, it would be a shame to miss out!

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