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What are FIFA World Cup odds?

Are you passionate about football? Do you want to be betting on the matches that will be played at the 2022 World Cup? If you are unfamiliar with placing bets, you may not know too much about the odds that bookmakers offer. If that is the case, you are on the right page!  Here, we explain everything you need to know about the odds that will be on offer for the 2022 World Cup and how to make the most of them.

First of all, it is important for you to understand what bookmaker odds are. This is a numerical value given to a sporting bet that determines the potential winnings and the probability of something happening. The higher the odds on a bet, the less likely it is that it will happen. The smaller the odds, then the more likely it will happen. Let's take the example of a match between Argentina and Mexico which will take place in the 2022 World Cup.

In this match, it is the Argentinian team that will be the likely winners. The bookmakers may well offer odds of 1.7, whereas the odds on a Serbian victory will be higher, perhaps 6.00. The gap between these two odds is explained by the difference in probability between the two results. But did you know that the odds also determine the potential winnings of the bet you would place if they meet at the FIFA World Cup 2022 sports bet?

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2022 World Cup odds and potential winnings (sports betting)

In addition to giving an indication of the probability of each bet being validated, the bookmaker's odds also determine the winnings that the bettor will receive in the event of success. Via the formula Odds x Stake = Win, you can see how much money you will receive from your bet if it is successful. Let's take the example of the Argentina-Mexico match to illustrate this, with a bet of £20 (or currency equivalent).

  • For an Argentina win: Odds of 1.7 x £20 stake = A return of  £34 which would see you make a £14 profit.
  • For a Mexico win: Odds of 6.00 x £20 stake = A return of £120 which is a profit of £100 on the bet.

Depending on the value of the odds, it can be seen that the potential winnings from a bet will not be the same from one bet to another. The higher the odds you bet on, the greater the possible winnings.  However, the higher the odds, the less chance of a return. The lower the odds you want to bet on, the lower the potential winnings but there is more chance of your bet being successful. It's up to you to choose the right balance between the risk of your bet and the gains that can result from it. A formula exists to help you do this.

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Estimated probabilities and World Cup odds

Are you interested in the 2022 FIFA World Cup but news to the world of online betting? Using this probabilities formula - (1/odds) x 100 will be your best ally. In just a few moments, you can actually know the bookmaker's estimate for your bet, and therefore know whether or not it is worth betting based on your feelings. 

Let's take the Argentina-Mexico group match for example to illustrate this formula. For this match, the Mexicans have injury problems with their best goalkeeper and most experienced central defender not playing. For Argentina, their strikers are in top form and may well take advantage of the defensive problems their opponents are having.  The odds offered by the bookmaker for the bet “Argentina wins by 2 or more” are 3.70.

  • (1/3.70) x 100 = 27. According to the bookmaker, Argentina have only a 27% chance of winning by two goals or better.

Here you have two choices. Either you feel that Argentina have a much better than 27% chance of winning the match by two goals, so you don't hesitate to bet. The odds are higher than you think they should be and you decide that the potential winnings from the bet are well worth the risk.

On the other hand, you may believe that Argentina will not win by two goals or more. Given the risk, you therefore abandon any idea of betting on this market. You understand what is at stake in this formula: determining whether or not it is worth betting on the odds. Don't hesitate to use it during the 2022 World Cup.

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Why is it useful to compare 2022 World Cup odds?

Comparing the odds is an important job for any sports betting fan. As you have just read, the higher the odds, the higher the potential winnings. Hence you will be keen to be betting at the best possible odds. Don't forget that different sports betting sites on the market may offer different odds for the same bet on the same match of the 2022 World Cup. So it is a great idea to join as many sites as possible and then have a wide choice of odds to choose from.  The proof is in the pudding:

  • I bet £100 (or €100 if that is your chosen currency) on Argentina against Mexico, quoted at 1.7 by bet365 = my return will be £170, a profit of £70
  • I bet £100 on Argentina vs Mexico, rated at 1.6 at Bwin = my return will be £160, a profit of £60 which is £10 less than at bet365
  • I bet £100 on Argentina vs Serbia, quoted at 1.65 at Vbet = my return will be £165, a profit of £65 which is better than Bwin but still less than at bet365.

If you compare the odds for the World Cup bet you are interested in, you will realize that different online sportsbooks have different odds. One may be better than another for one match but worse for another game, so always check the odds on several sites.

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How does our World Cup odds comparator work?

To compare all the odds of the World Cup in Qatar, we offer you a powerful tool, 100% dedicated to the 2022 World Cup 2022. You will really find our World Cup odds comparator tool helpful. There’s no need to go to every betting site to find the best odds, we reveal everything in an instant!  This can help ensure that you will be betting at the best possible odds during the World Cup.

To make it simple, our odds comparator gives the odds that are being offered by the online bookmakers for your bet, and shows you the most important one at the moment.  Therefore you will know where to bet to get the best potential winnings! For a major competition like this football World Cup, a difference of several dozen euros is possible and some bookmakers may be offering enhanced odds on games. So don't underestimate this step before placing your sports bets.

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World Cup victory odds: have you thought about it for your sports betting?

It’s not just about betting on each match that takes place in the 2022 World Cup. Bookmakers are already offering odds on who will win the World Cup in December. There are some good bets to be made here! Here again the proof by showing you an example:

  • I bet €100 on France winning the title (7.00) = my return is £700, a profit of £600.
  • I bet £100 on Brazil winning the title (7.00) = Again a return of £700 and a £600 profit.
  • I bet £100 on an England win (8.50) = The return is  £850, a £750 profit.
  • I bet £100 on Spain winning the title (9.00) = the return would be £900, a profit of £800.
  • I bet £100 on Germany winning (11.00) = the return would be £1100, a £1000 profit.
  • I bet £100 on an Argentina win (11.00) = Again a  £1100 return and a profit of £1000.

If you bet a total of £600 on these six favourites for the world title at the bookmakers, you will see if any of them win, you will make a minimum profit of  £100 and at most £500. Our tip is: depending on your budget (that you should really stick to) don't hesitate to accumulate several winning bets. Every four years, this strategy pays off for many punters. Not forgetting that you can lose everything, of course.

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Wincomparator's advice: open several accounts for the 2022 World Cup!

Comparing odds during the World Cup is good, but what's the point if you don't have a player account with the bookmakers that offer the best values? To be sure not to miss the best odds and to always bet on the best on the market, we obviously advise you to register with all the legal bookmakers. In addition to ensuring you get the best possible winnings, this also allows you to claim the nice welcome bonuses currently on offer. Everything you need to make this World Cup 2022 a real success for your bets. Use all these tips for each of your World Cup predictions.

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