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Euro Odds (Football - Europe)

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Europe - Euro

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What do "Euro odds” mean? 

Love football and sports betting? Can’t wait for the excitement of Euro 2024, but not really an expert on the odds offered by bookmakers? No problem! On this page, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the odds for Euro 2024. As you’ll see, there’s nothing very complicated about it.

First of all, of course, we need to provide a definition of these Euro odds that will be found on sports betting websites during the tournament. The odds are a numerical expression directly related to sports betting. They play a central role in betting, since they determine the value of each bet on offer. For example, if you want to bet on the English team beating Serbia, you will actually be wagering your money on the odds for the “England win” bet, which may be 1.53, for example.

As far as the levels of odds are concerned, you should know that the different bookmakers’ odds on offer during the Euro will generally vary from 1.01 to 7.00, depending on the probabilities. So, to put it simply, the higher the odds on a European Football Championship match, the lower the likelihood of the bet in question winning. And conversely, the lower the bookmaker’s odds for a bet, the greater the likelihood of this bet winning. Let’s take the example of a possible match between Serbia and England.

In this head-to-head that should be largely in favour of England, the odds for the “England win” bet will therefore be low (e.g. 1.53), whereas the odds for a “Serbia win” bet will be quite high (e.g. 6.50). The difference in values can therefore be explained by a difference in probabilities between the two scenarios, with England far more likely to win than Serbia on paper.

Euro: Enjoy the Bet365 odds

Euro odds and potential winnings 

As well as being able to estimate the probabilities for the various bets on the Euro in an instant, it is especially important to bear in mind that these odds will always determine the value of the potential winnings of your sports bet. Therefore, you can simply use the Odds x Stake = Winnings formula to calculate the amount you could win for a winning bet to the nearest penny, and therefore determine whether (or not) it is worth placing your bet. Let’s return to the Serbia-England match to illustrate this formula, with a stake of €10.

  • For a England win: Odds of 1.53 x Stake of €10 = €15.3 in potential winnings.
  • For a Serbia win: Odds of 6.50 x Stake of €10 = €65 in potential winnings.

This clearly shows that the winnings will vary according to the odds at which the bet is placed, and that the higher the odds, the higher the winnings will be. Of course, this implies that the bet will be riskier, however, since the chances of it turning out to be a winner will be lower. It’s up to you to judge whether the risks are worth taking.

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Why is it useful to compare the Euro 2024 odds?

As we have just seen, the value of the given odds will directly influence the amount to be won on your bet. Therefore, since higher odds mean bigger winnings, you’ll understand the benefit of always betting at the best possible value. And since different sports betting sites often offer different odds for the same bet, you’ll also understand the benefit of always comparing them before betting. Here’s an example for the Serbia-England match, given by the following calculation:

  •  I bet €100 on a win to England, at 2.20 through Bwin: 2.20 x €100 = €220 in potential winnings
  •  I bet €100 on a win to England, at 1.60 through Vbet: 1.60 x €100 = €160 in potential winnings
  • I bet €100 on a win to England, at 1.53 through Bet365: 1.53 x €100 = €153 in potential winnings.

This shows that for the same amount wagered on the same bet, there is a €67 difference in winnings between the best odds (through Bwin) and the lowest (through Bet365). Just imagine how these differences will add up throughout this 2024 tournament, i.e. after 51 matches! So, if you're trying to maximize your winnings between June and July, you know what to do… Use our Euro 2024 odds comparator!

Euro: Enjoy the Bwin odds

How does our Euro 2024 odds comparator work?

In this quest to compare odds, and to help you pocket the maximum winnings during Euro 2024, the entire Wincomparator team has developed a powerful tool that is totally dedicated to the UEFA competition: a bookmakers’ odds comparator for the Euro Football Championship. 

Every day, from the group-stage matches through to the Grand Final on 14 July, 2024, it will give you instant access to the best odds on the English market, and you’ll therefore be able to identify which bookmaker can offer you the highest possible winnings for your bets on the entire Euro tournament. In addition to earning you money, comparing odds in this way will save you lots of time, since you’ll no longer need to visit all the betting sites individually, which could also lead to certain odds being reduced. Sometimes, every second counts!

To determine the best odds on Euro matches, the technology used in our comparison table is simple: all the bookmakers' odds are analysed in real time, and the highest ones are displayed beside each match. This eliminates any doubt and means that you’ll be ready to benefit from the best Euro 2024 odds available. It’s child's play.

Euro: Enjoy the Bwin odds

Wincomparator’s advice: open several accounts before the Euro kicks off!

Finally, to conclude this special page devoted to odds for the Euro Football Championship, we strongly advise you to register on all the current sports betting websites. Indeed, what would be the point of knowing which bookmaker offers the best odds for your bet if you don’t have an account with them? So, for optimal sports betting performance during the Euro, don’t think twice about opening multiple accounts. This will also entitle you to some attractive welcome bonuses.

At last, don't hesitate to read our Euro 2024 predictions from football experts, and check out Euro Livescores tool to follow the matches live!

Happy betting and an excellent Euro to you all!

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