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Belgium - Jupiler Pro League

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What are Division 1A odds?

Are you passionate about sports betting and Division 1A football, but your knowledge on the odds offered by the bookmakers is not quite up to scratch? This is no problem, as we here at Wincomparator will use this page to explain to you everything that you need to know about odds on the Belgian Division 1A. Nothing too complicated, as you will soon find out. 

First of all, it is obviously necessary to define what bookmakers odds are. Basic elements in the world of online betting, odds are figures that are directly related to any sports bet. In concrete terms, it is on these odds that you will place your wager, rather than on the bet itself. Do you want to bet on Anderlecht to win against Mechelen? Then you will place your money on the odds associated with this bet. The value of odds on Division 1A matches will generally fall between 1/1 and 5/1, but can rise higher in certain instances.

What is also crucial to know is that the odds proposed on Division 1A (as is the case for any other sports tournament) will see their value influenced by the probability of their associated bet to be a winner. So the higher the probability of your bet to be a winner, the lower the odds offered on that bet will be. The opposite is also true - if you chance your luck on a bet with little chance of success, the odds offered on that bet will be much higher. We can illustrate this concept further by considering the example of a match between Club Brugge and Kortrijk.

In a game such as this, which is rather unbalanced in favour of Bruges, the odds offered on the bet ‘Bruges to Win’ will be quite low (e.g. 2/5), while the odds offered on the bet Kortrijk to win will be relatively higher (e.g. 9/5). This difference in odds values can be explained by probability - as Kortrijk have a much smaller chance of winning the fixture than Club Brugge.

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Calculating the winnings of Division 1A odds: the Bruges-Kortrijk example

Encrypted figures which are determined based on probabilities and statistics, the odds proposed by bookmakers on Division 1A are one of the most basic components of sports betting, and will have great importance for the bettor - due largely to the role they play in determining potential gains. By using the formula Odds x Stake = Gains, you can calculate the winnings that will be on offer to you in the event of a successful bet. Take again the example of the Bruges vs Kortrijk match, with a £10 stake bet on each scenario:

  • ‘Bruges to Win’: 2/5 x £10 stake =£14 potential winnings
  • Draw: 11/5 x £10 stake = £32 potential winnings
  • ‘Kortrijk to Win’: 9/5 x £10 stake = £45 potential winnings

By applying the formula mentioned above, we can see that a winning bet on the victory of Kortrijk would be very financially interesting, unlike the same bet on the success of Club Brugge. However, it is the latter that is more likely to claim victory in this instance, given the values of the odds proposed and the overall quality of the side. So you will have to decide: either to play it safe and reap a more measured reward, or to go all out on a risky bet with significant financial promise.

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Why use a Division 1A odds comparator?

As we have just seen, odds on the top-tier Belgian football league will always be important to the bettor, and will be key in determining the potential winnings of a bet. What we must also consider, is that these odds can vary in value amongst the top bookmakers on the market, even if they relate to the same bet on Division 1A football. As you are probably already aware, there is lots of competition amongst bookmakers in today’s market, meaning that it is necessary to stand out to attract bettors. This is precisely the reason why they can offer higher odds than others on certain matches. This is something that you need to understand, as it will directly affect your potential earnings - so be sure to compare odds before placing your bet. We can illustrate this by once again considering the example of Club Brugge vs Kortrijk:

  • I bet £100 on the victory of Bruges, offered at 3/2 at William Hill: 3/2 x £100 = £150 potential gains
  • I bet £100 on the victory of Bruges, offered at 2/5 at Bet365: 2/5 x £100 = £140 potential gains
  • I bet £100 on the victory of Bruges, offered at 13/10 at 888sport: 13/10 x £100 = £130 potential gains

As we can see from the above calculations, a bet placed at William Hill will earn £10 more than the same bet placed at 888sport. You can, therefore, understand the interest in comparing odds on the Belgian First Division before placing your bets - a difference of hundreds of euros could be seen over the course of a season - and for this you can use our above Division 1A odds comparator.

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Odds on Division 1A can vary

To finish up on this page dedicated to Division 1A odds, there is only one more thing that you need to know - these odds can vary in value at the same bookmaker depending on the events that surround the match in question. To demonstrate this in simple terms, we will consult the Bruges vs Kortrijk example for the final time. 

Imagine, for example, that Bruges best player is injured in the days leading up to the match, or that two of the sides key players receive suspension from the football board just days before the fixture in question. In this case, the probability of a Bruges win will logically fall, which will result in a rise in the value of the odds associated with the bet ‘Bruges to Win’ (e.g. from 2/5 to 3/2. This is one of the many reasons why you should consult our odds comparison as regularly as possible - to ensure that you can place the best possible bet on the Belgian football championship.

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