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American Football Betting Tips & Predictions

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How to write American Football Predictions

Are you a fan of American football, and are you looking for precise American Football Match Predictions? If so, let us guide you! With thoughtful and well-reflected predictions, and the thought-provoking method that has proven itself time and time again, our team at Wincomparator provides you with everything you need to know to make predictions for each week of one of the most popular sports in the US.

For all the best matches of the NFL (National Football Association), our American Football experts present their written opinions, including all the key points to take into account before betting. From numerical data to the more emotional aspects that surround the game, dozens of variables are studied and considered to deliver American Football betting tips that are as close as possible to the reality on the field.

This is help and advice that you should not miss out on, whether you are an expert in the field or a beginner to the world of American Football predictions. From the Patriots to the Broncos, the Ravens to the Cowboys - all NFL franchises are followed on a day-to-day basis, right up to the world-renowned Super Bowl that closes the season. Make the most of your predictions!

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Why do we offer Free American Football Predictions?

As you will probably have noticed, all of our forecasts on American football are completely free, which is due to the desire of our team to share their experience, and ensure that every amateur can enjoy the world of this sport which is oh-so-exciting. Anyways, if we think about it, what would be the use for us in spending our time analysing the various meetings and writing our forecasts if there was nobody to read them? The answer to this is, simple - nothing - which is why you will never see any paid American Football betting tips offered by Wincomparator.

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How to make good American Football Predictions

In the rare event that the American Football match that you want to bet on has not been analysed by our experts, know that there are a number of important factors to take into account when creating your own predictions - make a habit of dealing with them systematically before betting on American Football.

1.    Take account of the current form of each side

The first factor to take into account will obviously be the current form of each team. To do this, you will need to analyse the latest results of both teams, as well as the key statistics that surround their latest fixtures. Sacks, Passing Yards, Rushing Yards, Tackles, Interceptions, etc., - all of these aspects of the game must be analysed to know the current state of form of each franchise.

2.    Observe the key players of each team

The second factor to account for in your American Football bet predictions will be the form of all the major players of both teams concerned by the match of your choice. Has the Quarter Back of one team just put in two gigantic performances? Then it would make sense to predict the success of  his team. On the other hand, has the one of the team's best defensive players struggled to perform to his best in recent days? In this case, it would be prudent to avoid predicting the success of that team.

3.    Account for the home advantage in a game

The third element to consider is the advantage of the venue of the match. Always remember that in American Football, as is the case in many US sports, the advantage of playing on your own field is often undeniable. For example, if you look at the averages of the most recent NFL season, we can see that more than 60% of all meetings were won by the home side. So before you even begin your American Football predictions, this is a good point to have in mind.

4.    Analyse the psychological context of the match

Next, do not forget to do a quick analysis of the psychological context of the American Football game that interests you. In this discipline, as is the case with the majority of other high-level sports, the emotional aspect of a meeting will always play a role in the final result. Has a team been rusty and struggled to perform in recent weeks? Has a coach just been fired? Has a team been humiliated by their opponent of the day in their recent meetings? These questions and more will need to be answered before making your American Football NFL predictions.

5.    Estimate the acceptable odds of your prediction

Finally, the fifth major factor to include in any of your American Football predictions is the odds at which you would deem your prediction to be an acceptable bet. If you believe that your predictions would be an interesting bet at odds of 3/2, but the bookmakers are offering odds of only 13/10, it may be necessary to turn towards another betting option. If the risk/earnings relationship of your bet is not in your favour, it is best to avoid the bet altogether - Logic.

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Whether you are a regular to the world of American Football predictions, or just a beginner to the field, don't hesitate to visit our dedicated predictions page, which is regularly updated. You can also check out all the best betting odds on the discipline! Good luck to all!

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