The American method – Attention !

The American method is based in the logic: 1 winning deletes 2 losses. To apply it, after two consecutive losses, your bet corresponds to the sum of your 2 previous losses.

Do you deplore several consecutive losses? In this case, add the first loss, still not deleted and the seconde one (not deleted). If you win, you'll be able to raise the two accumulated losses. Continue this way as long as your losses are not deleted.

Maybe you'll understand of a variant of this American method which allows to define from the beginning the expected profit and the number of winning games to get it. How to do it? First, divide the expected profit by the number of winning games. You get then a line of games to play. For every game, bet the sum of the first figure of this line and the last figure of the same line. If you win, you delete the two figures. If you lose, add the accumulated at the end of the line and continue this way as long as all the figures of the line haven't been deleted.

As for the Alembert, it is also possible to invert this rising method (sometimes called anti-american), to try to take advantage of winning successions and limite the losses of losing successions.

The advice of WinComparator: same advantages and inconveniences of Alembert's method (get out without losses even with 2/3 of losing games and only 1/3 of winning games.


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