Draw no bet

    The Draw no bet bet consists of forecasting the result of a match excluding the draw. It means that only the alternatives « home victories (1) » and « away victories (2) » are available for each team. In case of a draw, the bet is refunded (see bookmaker's rules). This type of bet is also called Refund bet if draw.

    For example:
    You wish to bet 10 euros on the victory of Manchester over Real Madrid (football). Here are the odds :
    1. Victory of Manchester : 2.55
    2. Victory of Real Madrid : 1.35
    Manchester wins the match, so you get 10€ x 2.55 = 25.50 euros.

    What is the advantage ?

    This a bet that gives you a little more security (so earnings are lower) because in the case of a draw, you are refunded the total bet amount (see bookmaker's rules).