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How to bet on Motor Sport 2016

Motor sport is very popular in the U.K. There are numerous forms of motor sport to bet on, such as Rallying and Nascar. The two main forms of motor sport is without doubt Formula 1 and Moto GP. There is a massive interest in Formula 1 especially with a strong British representation.

Formula 1

This discipline is by far the most popular. This championship runs for most of the year and travels to some of the worlds best circuits. One can bet on the eventual winner or just the winner of each individual Grand Prix race. The Grand Prix weekend usually begins on the Friday where teams will go through three rounds of practise and get a feel of the weather conditions and tyre usage. Qualification for places on the grid takes place on Saturday with the race taking place on Sunday, where one can bet on fastest lap and the top three. In addition you can also bet on the constructors championship.

The winner of the F1 Championship : In this sport, nothing can be left to chance. The future F1 champion is usually a pre-season favourite, such as Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel. It is necessary to highlight the best drivers in the paddock. One must also consider the reliability and performance of the teams and of their cars in the paddock. In general there are usually 2 or 3 teams that compete every year. Mercedes, Ferrari and Redbull.

The winner of a Grand-Prix : In this case, there are plenty of possibilites offered. Obviously there is the outright favourite but there is also the outsiders. Therefore one must analysis the drivers previous performances on that certain track and the constant variable which is the weather. Certain drivers perform better in the rain than others. Finally, we will have to see if the driver is listed on the starting grip and how high up they sit. Some drivers might have to start in the pit lane because of a penalty or mechical issues.

The Constructors Championship : This title is given to the best performing team throughout the entire season. It goes to the team who has accumulated the most points through both their cars for the championship. The winners usually are Ferrari, Mercedes and McClaren.

Moto GP 

This competition follows the same structure as the Formula 1 championship with a drivers and a constructors championship. It therefore takes into account the same criteria:

The Driver : Like Formule 1, the favourites exist (Rossi, Lorenzo, Marquez..). So take note, they are simply better than the others.

The Bike : Yet again, it is a question of mechanics. Manufacturers are constantly looking for more reliability and power in their bikes. For example, teams such as Yamaha or Honda are always well positioned.

The weather : This can be a determining factor. Some drivers perform better on dry tracks.

The track : This is a major factor. Some drivers have prefer certain tracks. It is essential to research past winners of each race.