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Golf is an extermely skillful sport. It has finally regained it's status as an Olympic sport in 2016, when it featured in the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil in 2016. It's been 112 since the Games have seen people compete in this tantalising sport. It is an ever growing sport and deserves to be given full respectSo grab your club and start wagering on the green with our tips!

Learn about the rules

Knowing the terminology and Lingo is vital when betting on or even watching golf.

Here are some of the main terms used and enough to get you by.

PAR : This is when the player hits the same number of strokes at the amount alloted to each hole.

Birdie : Term used when the player shoots below par

Eagle : Term used when the player plays 2 shots below par.

Bogey : A term used when a player plays a stroke above par.

Handicap : A golf handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer's potential ability.

The Competitions

To begin betting on golf, it is best to focus on major competitions. Opt for major tournaments like the Masters, US Open, British Open or the US PGA. At the intercontinental level, the Ryder Cup sees golfers from the US and Europe compete against each other. It takes place every 2 years and the venue changes each time, alternating between courses in the US and Europe. The 2016 Ryder cup as hosted by the USA takes place in Chaska Minnesota. It is set to be hosted by France in 2018. The Ryder Cup was originally contested by Great Britain and the US. The first Ryder Cup took place in 1927 in Massachusetts, USA and the hosts were the victors that year.

Analyse the performance of the players on the circuit

As with any sport, it is necessary to be wary of the statistics of players depending on the course. Performances may vary based on the circuit, the widths of the fairways, the height of the rough or the quality of the green. We must therefore analyse the venue of the competition. The Weather is also a major factorAs the tournament takes place over several daysthe weather can vary. The wind is the number one enemy to every golfer.