Championship 2016/17 Tips

- CHAMPIONSHIP 2016/17 -

Who can overcome all the obstacles and advace to the big leagues next season? Who can defy the odds and be promoted at the end of this season? Will we see a new winner, or will we see one of the former Premier League teams return from where they came? Find out all you will need to know right here!


It’s common knowledge that the top 2 teams in the championship at the end of the season advance to the premier League. The teams that finish between 6th and 2nd battle it out for that last spot in the Premier League. These 3 teams have earned their spot in the Premier League and take the place of the bottom 3 teams in the Premier League of that same season. Obviously the teams that are just down from the Premier League are worth keeping an eye on. You’d be a fool to just write them off. Burnely won the Championship and so advanced straight through to Premier League a long with Middlesborough and Hull. Newcastle, Norwich and Aston Villa all drop down to the Championship this season, As mentioned these 3 teams are worth watching along with Derby and Brighton but to name a few.


It’s hard to see anyone else win the Championship, other than the teams listed above. Really, the 3 teams that were relegated are the most likely to be promoted back up at the end of this season. All the are favoured by the bookies and then the next 2 after that trio is Derby and Brighton, as mentioned above. The 3 former Premier League teams will obviously stand out among these Championship teams. They’ve been playing at a higher level and even though they were all relegated, that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are on a different level altogether compared to the others. 


Championship sides played a total of 552 matches this season and a total of 1337 goalswere scored with2.42 goals per game on average. Injuries, suspensions and fatigue are quite the norm come the Christmas period with the additions of the League and FA Cups. Thus results can become erratic even for the top teams. Due to the amount of teams in the Championship, league positions can change erratically. For instance a team can be sitting in 10th but with a win could shoot up to the Play-Off places, particularly around January. Also worth noting, the score line of 1-0 is the most common in the Championship.  Invariably the top teams perform consistently at home therefore interesting odds are normally hard to find. Away matches between closely matched teams bring up more intriguing odds similar to the Premiership. lucrative than automatic promotion due to TV Rights and the build up to the final at Wembley. In addition teams that are relegated to the Championship from the Premiership are known to have a ‘Premiership parachute’.  This refers to the revenue gained from TV rights in the top league as well as increased sales from stadium tickets, season tickets, shirts sales etc. Thus a pattern is revealed: relatively often the same teams can be found to be going down from and going up to the Premier League. This includes teams such as Norwich, QPR and Hull. Teams between the 22nd and 24th place are relegated every season.