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Cycling Tips


Cycling is little known for its place in sports betting. However it offers a lot of possibilities. Races occur practically throughout the year in the four corners of the world. The Tour de France, La Vuelta and the Giro are the Tiors most covered by the media. But many others exist. Wincomparator proposes a guide in order for you to make more educated bets.

Type of Course

In its current form, the first thing to take note of is the type of terrain. Different terrains bring different outcomes.

 The Grand Tours: the most complicated for participants. These circuits normally traverse a country, occur multiple weeks with a stage each day. The most celebrated is the Tour de France. Next is the Vuelta, the Giro and the Arctic Race. Only those who are the most consistent have a chance at victory.

 The Classics: These are disputed over a day. There are no stages, the competitors race for point A to point B. The biggest include Paris-Roubaix and Liège-Baston-Liège. The best cyclists participate. These races hardly take place in mountains. Thus climbers rarely win or have a chance to place well. Complete racers and sprinters better to bet on here. 

 The Critériums: these are for the less known cyclists. These are calculated like the Classic races but with less difficulty. A good sprinter has a big chance of winning. Surpridses come often in these races.

The Course

Once the course has been defined the next vital element to analyse is the outline of the stages. This can have a big effect on th eventual winner of a race.

 Flat stage: 90% of these finish as a sprint. To bet on a sprinter is the sensible option. Additionally if the sprinter posesses a team that he is dedicated to, he will have a good chance of winning that stage.

 Mountainous stage: these stages are the most difficult for a cyclist. A competitor must put together a few ascensions of several passes per day. Sprinters have no chance to win these stages. Only climbers or those who are more complete have a betting chance.

 Complete stage: these stages open the door for racers. A very good cyclist has the possibility to win the stage alone and thus finish the course in 1st position. However the sprinters are out of the running from time to time here.

Cycling code

Like all sports, cycling has codes in relation to teams and shirts. These elements have an influence on the betting.

 The teams: these play an important role in the final victory. In general, a team works for its leader, knowing that it is he who has the biggest chance of winning. They are composed of complete cyclists, sprinters and perhaps climbers. This year Team Sky was the team with best cyclists for the majority of the course.

 The sirts: these have some significance. For the best climber it is necessary to have a polka-dotted shirt. As a consequence he will have more of a chance on the mountains. The green shirts belong to the best sprinters. Thus the flat stages are theirs for the taking. Finally the yellow jersey for the Tour de France or the pink jersey in the Giro symbolize the best in the rankings during the race.

Type of Bets

In cycling there are two types of bets that take privilege over others. It is necessay to bet on placement and live betting.

 Placement: Betting on the victory of a cyclist is difficult. With more than 150 competitors per course, the possibility to go for the victor of a course is little. It is therefore better to be on a racers placement, to now that they cyclist will finish in the first 5 or in the first 10.

 Live betting: Race proceedings are always uncertain to an extent. There can be falls, crashes, flat tires and the list goes on. It is therefore advisable to follow a course and bet in real time to avoid these types of risks.