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How to bet on Cricket

Cricket is not one of the most popular sports markets to bet on. However if the statistics are read into, there is a lot to be made. With matches nearly everyday the sport offers a lot of betting opportunities. Some of the major tournaments include Test, one day and T20. There is the incredibly popular Indian Premier League and also the Champions League 20. For international sides the World Cup and the Ashes are significant dates in the calender. Live betting is an important aspect of Cricket. Therefore Wincomparator offers you this guide on how to methoidcally place a bet on the sport.


Like in any sport, there are plenty of factors to take into account when looking up a match. So here are some to consider before placing a bet:

Weather: Perhaps the most vital variable. A slight change to the weather will usually have a big effect on the match, often more than the players' competencies. The ball will deviate less on a dry sunny day which will favour the batsman while in overcast and humid conditions the ball will swing in the air, severly hindering a batting teams’ chances of scoring well. Futher to that, on a sunndy day a fast bowler will have a hinderance as the crease slows down. However if the sun contines, a spinner is likely to have the advantage as cracks tend to appear on the surface.

Pitch conditions: Vital that the pace of the pitch is checked. How much does it offer help to bowlers? It’s best to know if a bowler or batter is more accustomed to dryer or wetter playing conditions. To note, pitch conditions could change later in the day. In addition a pitch will deteriorate in quality as they years go by. This makes life harder on a batsman as bounce gradually gets more uneven. Thus runs will decrease as the number of innings increase. Researching past inning patterns on a certain pitch will certainly help you to make a more educated decision. 

Players: Like Tennis there are Ciricket players whom are better than others in certain conditions. There are Indian players well versed on Indian pitches, naturally. These pitches tend to be slow and thus have lower bounces. On the other side of the coin English players are not used to the sub-continent terrains. 

Previous results: The history of results at a certain ground can be a telling trends for betting. For instance the home advantage can be particularly significant in Test matches.