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NBA Playoffs

NBA Tips 2017/18

NBA 2017/18 kicks off on October 17 with one of the most hyped seasons in recent years. Huge transfers, the increase of players' wages, and the arrival of players from Europe, make the best basketball league in the world, and this is your best bet.

Western Conference

Last season was exceptional for many Western Conference teams. Golden State Warriors had won in the Western Conference, then went on to get revenge and were the NBA champions over Cleveland Cavaliers with a 4-1 match win. 

In the west, Golsen State, dominates the Golsen State. After the Big Four, there are the regulars in the playoffs with the likes of the Memphis Grizzlies, the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks. The Utah Jazz, Minnesota Timberwolves and Portland Trailblazers will also have the ambition to see their season. The Golden State will once again be the favorites. Houston could do well this season, with James Harden reinforced by Chris Paul, and Oklahoma Thunder who can rely on Paul George and Carmelo Anthony's tranfers. The Spurs will be strong this season as ever. It will be heated in the west!

Eastern Conference

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the favourites, winning the 2015 season and finalists last season, reinforced by Wade, Rode and Isaiah. The US group remains almost unchanged and there is every chance of finding the Cavaliers in the finalsagain although the standard in the East appears to be increasing.

They will have to be wary of teams that continue to grow season after season and who dream of upsetting them. Toronto Raptors are the perfect example with the duo of All-Stars Lowry DeRozan. Byombo’s loss will be detrimental but they still reatain some strength. The Boston Celtics should also do well with a stable workforce and the arrival of Kyrie Irving from Cleveland. Last year, the four-time All-Star NBA player scored an average of 25.2 points per game, a great asset for the Celtics.

Some helpful tips for betting on the NBA

Surprises and upsets in the NBA are common and it is important to assume that anything can happen. Several elements are the most important of them is dynamic team. The results of a team are often cyclical because they depend on marksmanship, the confidence of the group, motivation, communication of the defense and the chemistry between the players. This takes a long time to perfect and a long time to implement. Therefore looking at the recent history is essential when placing a bet.

The absence of major players should also be monitored. With the pace of the schedule it is not uncommon for some players to rest to prevent injury. Because basketball is a team sport where the contribution of an individual can have a huge impact, it is essential to look at who could miss the next meeting. Some teams are really dependent on their best player and they are known to introduce themselves to the dying moments of games, even if they are resting. The downside of this fast paced game is of course the accumulation of fatigue. Once or twice in the season teams in the country in short periods of time for matches. The games played during the days and miles driven are detrimental on the physical and mental freshness of the players.

Some teams know very quickly that they will fail to qualify for the play-offs. The more bad results a team get, the greater the luck of getting a good choice in the draft next season and pick up a good player. Sometimes some teams, who are currently in a transition phase, will be able to play games. This usually happens after the All-Star Game in February. 

Finally, an early season trick for bettors is to identify the teams that have changed coaches during the summer. Some franchises, to defend their reputation, will completely change their leadership under the leadership of a new coach. Also worth noting, if it is a high price for a vital defensive profile, that is also an indication. Bookmakers tend to rely on a number of points scored per game, but these changes are opportunities to take advantage of a new level.